Words Of Wisdom

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Hating yourself is never the answer

You know its true….

You’ve tried that so many times over….

You’re ready to try a new way…

You realise you HAVE to learn to like yourself….

YEP…. Love yourself…

It seems a far reach… You have no idea how…

And for so long you’ve Foo Foo’d that “love yourself” talk and concept….

But deep down you know the truth…

Learning to love yourself is the only way to end the roller coaster….

The struggle…

The battle…

You are ready to make peace with yourself…. You WANT to like yourself….You want to GLOW 🙂

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Yours in Growth, Love, Openness and Wisdom (G.L.O.W),


BridgetJane xo

Words Of Wisdom

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Decide you will

As I ran today something quite obvious, yet at the same time, sometimes SO elusive, occurred to me.

In order to have something that we want in our lives – be it money, stuff, fitness, health, happiness, love, etc- we must first DECIDE we WILL have it.

I was taught this concept what seems like SO many eons ago!

DECIDE. Make the decision.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’d heard it all before.

But today I GOT IT. Like BANG! Smack in the face!

You see, i’ve struggled for some time with an area of my life that I just can’t seem to get flowing. At times I do AMAZING, then others I CRASH n BUM OUT big time!!!

It is really frustrating. And, it is ultra shame-inducing! It makes me get really down on myself…

I am sure some of you can relate??

Well, today as I was thinking of connecting with you guys and the Words Of Wisdom I wanted to share, this idea flooded over me… And then the lightbulb moment came…!

Guys…. If we WANT something, we must first DECIDE we WILL have it!

That, sneakily enough though, involves having a certain level of love and respect for one self! It involves an element of saying YES to ourselves. Of making the SPACE to allow it in. Of saying NO to the things keeping it at bay. Of making a stand for this thing we want. Of getting savvy and learning who/what/how we need to be to make it happen.

Are you following me??

Unless YOU really BACK yourself and decided to DO/BE/HAVE whatever it is you really want, it will forever allude you.

(I’m listening here too guys!! Miss Bridget is seriously sitting up tall and hearing these words!)

Deciding means taking ACTION. It means NO excuses. It means COMMITTING.

To yourself. To your cause. To this THING you so desperately want.

And, my friend, you so definitely DESERVE it!!!

You most certainly SHOULD have exactly what it is you want during this lifetime that you grace the Earth.

Yet it remains, that unless you DECIDE, unless you back yourself, you won’t have it.

“If it is to be, it is up to me”

So with that I will leave you pondering this….

What exactly is stopping you from saying yes to yourself?

All my love,



Dietitian~Counsellor~Psychology of Eating Coach


Words Of Wisdom

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I cannot express enough how much walking has brought to, & changed my life!!

As I did my usual Tuesday morning Mooloolaba Esplanade walk last week, I reflected on what a fantastic fitness habit it is!

No need for fancy, complicated equipment, & can be done pretty much anywhere at anytime!

Our bodies are designed to move…! They love it!!

And mentally & emotionally the benefits are just phenomenal…. Walking was one of the things that got me through my period of depression and anxiety. No matter what else was going on or how I felt, I managed to get out almost every single day into nature to clear my head, get perspective and find gratitude and hope 🙂

It is also an activity highly recommend and endorsed by the Heart Foundation 🙂 Many of you know I am running the 2014 New York Marathon in support of this wonderful charity that do so very much to raise awareness, find cures and educate the public and food industry on how to live a healthy life and prevent heart disease.

And if you feel inspired to support the Heart Foundation, or ME on my quest to raise awareness and be an Active Life ambassador (Im asking anyone that I’ve ever inspired to consider supporting my journey) , please head to my Every Day Hero page to leave your little contribution 🙂 It is only with the support of people like you that the Heart Foundation can continue to do their wonderful work! Thank you in advance!

And finally, I highly recommend that everyone considers incorporating more walking into their life…You can arrange a buddy to team up with regularly, or even a group 🙂 Making fitness FUN, SOCIAL and OUTDOORS means that it is more likely to become a life long habit 🙂

I guarantee that once you get into walking you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

Oh, and a few extra tips to make it fun and enjoyable…. Add music or an audio book using an MP3 player or phone (the time passes SO quickly and you don’t even notice you are moving!); ensure you have comfy workout gear and runners (colour and style make it more fun for some! ;p); SMILE; make sure you look around, up and take in your surroundings 🙂

Until next time, happy walking groovers! 🙂


Dietitian~Counsellor~Psychology of Eating Coach