Every minute of Stress is compromising your Health, Weight, Energy & Happiness

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What I want to speak with you about today is an issue that I spend MUCH of my time chatting with clients about.

Something that makes THE ultimate difference to their success or struggle in their health, happiness, energy or weight loss journey.

And that, my friends is STRESS.

Stress is not your friend

Stress is NOT your friend!

If you care about your health, energy, weight and happiness, you MUST really evaluate how much time you spend in STRESS mode Vs CALM mode.

Yes, we’re all busy.

Yes, life is chaotic.

Yes, there are 3 thousand things to do, pay attention to, address and respond to.

Yes, sh*t goes wrong.

Yes, the kids can drive you nuts and test your patience.

Yes, work can feel like it’s closing in on you and never offering a break.

Yes, everyone around you can push your buttons and drive you nuts.

Yes, all that and MORE can be true….

The reality is though that, NO MATTER WHAT, we ALWAYS have a choice about how we deal with these things.

And ultimately, YOUR CHOICE affects YOU most seriously.

When you choose stress, you choose breakdown and destruction in, and of, your body.

You choose inflammation; increased fat storage; compromised immunity; impaired digestion; breakouts; high blood pressure; reduced sensitivity to pleasure; slowed metabolism; fatigue; mood swings; sugar cravings; reactivity; imbalanced hormones; depression; anxiety; reduced confidence; fear; poor self-esteem; bowel issues; ageing; cellular breakdown; disease.

Of course most of these things don’t occur instantaneously (although some of them do!), however, the more time we spend in stress, the more easily we choose stress, and the more these processes DO happen….

And this makes it increasingly more difficult to be happy, healthy, confident, energetic, positive AND keeping our weight where we most want it to be.

Trust me when I say I KNOW it’s not easy!

I am a recovered STRESSAHOLIC!

I “thrived” off stress in my younger days (or so I thought!)

I didn’t know how to be effective or productive without stress

I couldn’t possibly be calm or relaxed if there was something to be doing.

I was always ON and whenever something went “wrong” I would over react & really get myself in a state.

I truly thought that being intense and insistent was the only way to get things done

I really DID NOT KNOW how to get sh*t done whilst being calm

It wreaked havoc in my relationships….It wore away my confidence…..It depleted my energy levels….

And slowly but surely it BROKE ME DOWN…..

I ended up with adrenal fatigue….. Horrendously out of whack hormones….. My gums receded….. My hair fell out…..


Only through my extreme break down did I begin to TRULY get that life is a MARATHON, not a SPRINT….

And that it is to be ENJOYED, not merely ENDURED…..

That STOPPING and SMELLING the roses IS the BEAUTY & MAGIC & BLESSING of life…..

Not the “getting somewhere”, “being someone” or “ticking off a to-do list”.

Back then, I DETESTED yoga.

TWO MINUTES of meditation was IMPOSSIBLE for me

LIFE insisted on teaching me HOW to do the things that would honour my health.

I had NO CHOICE but to slow down. To learn to properly care for myself

To rehabilitate my mind and body with patience and love and understanding.

And I see this in so many of my clients.

The breakdown or destruction of their health, energy, happiness & weight management, due to their inability to STOP stressing

Their resistance to BEING HERE NOW.

Their struggle to really ENJOY themselves and their life and all the simple things

We are constantly ON, constantly distracted and somehow we feel OBLIGATED to keep up with this crazy pace of life. To please everyone. To BE everything.

And it’s just NOT humanly possible.

IF we want to be happy and healthy and at our best, that is!

We must really learn to get real with ourselves in this department.

To learn the art of JOYFULLY DANCING with life.

If we want our time here to be regret-free, FULFILLING, heart-busting then we really do need to realise that how we are wired naturally makes us prone & vulnerable to slipping into health-deteriorating ways.

One of my most favourite and important learnings about the brain and mind comes from neuro-scientist Rick Hansen.

He taught me many years ago that the brain is like “teflon for the positive, and velcro for the negative”.

What this means is that, by default, without conscious awareness, it is in our NATURE to look for danger, to be on alert.

We are wired to look for “what’s wrong”….. We are wired to REACT to anything that threatens our survival….

And without our own tempering and intervention, those piling to-do’s, bills, requests, demands, emails, social media pings, dings and buzzes, the constant ON-ness of life becomes ONE BIG LION that we need to be on constant ALERT for….

And this keeps our body in the STRESS response….Without our even realising it!

It becomes “the norm” to feel this way, so much so that often we are NOT aware of the constant and chronic damage going on in our bodies and minds, until things get bad enough to be expressed through an illness or injury- physical, mental or emotional.

And when we DO try to STOP and SLOW down we feel ANXIOUS and ON EDGE…..

I see it over and over and over.

And without a doubt, STRESS is the NUMBER ONE factor undermining a person’s health, happiness, weight loss and true THRIVING in life….

So…Food for thought.

Consider where you are at with this.

Do you relate?

I’d LOVE to hear from you 🙂  Comment below, or email me [email protected]

I’m always happy to answer any questions or queries 🙂

If your health and happiness and weight are important to you, learning how to minimise stress is absolutely ESSENTIAL!

Also, learning how to FEED ourselves in ways that REPLENISH important vitamins and minerals that are depleted by stress (think in particular B Vitamins, magnesium, zinc!) is helpful!

And over here I have the GOODS for you !

Loads of LENTIL LOVE ideas that will NOURISH, RESTORE and REVITALISE you!

ENJOY these 🙂

That’s all for now gorgeous one!

Until next time, stay COOL and CALM despite the chaos and really soak up the knowing that you are doing so much GOOD for your health when you say NO to stress!

All my love,



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Energy Expert

Dietitian~Counsellor~Psychology of Eating Coach

Founder of New Leaf Nutrition and The Glow Project


Don’t Lie to Yourself…

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This morning as I completed yet another workout, I reflected upon my journey to date…

As I walked this morning indoors on the treadmill, I flicked through a fitness mag to help pass the time…. Sometimes I’m up for running, sometimes I’m up for pushing myself, but today I felt like taking it easy… I have learned the hard way that it is always best to LISTEN to my body…

There was an Inspire story in this magazine, about a 25 year old woman, who at the age of 13 was 146kg, had dangerously high blood pressure, and was in constant pain from her joint aches….

At some point her mum took her to Weight Watchers, and over a period of 3 years she SLOWLY lost 25kg…. It STAYED OFF 🙂

After that, she progressively got more and more into fitness and a healthy lifestyle and as she got older, she joined a gym, got herself a PT and continued her “healthy life” journey…

Her story really resonated with me, as I have been on much the same path….

Overweight as a child and using my strong will to NOT diet, but to change my LIFESTYLE for the good, FOREVER….!

I too decided to do it SLOWLY….No rush….There is no DESTINATION, no END POINT….

It is about a LIFELONG commitment to how you want to FEEL everyday…

It’s not always easy…..It HASN’T been easy…

I don’t wake up every morning feeling INSPIRED, MOTIVATED, ENERGISED and ON TOP of it all…

Sometimes I want to sleep in, I want to curl up and take it easy….

And sometimes, quite often these days, I DO!

But the thing is, I am REAL and HONEST with myself about what serves my health, energy and fitness and what doesn’t…

I don’t lie to myself believing that without my input I will miraculously maintain my health and fitness…

I am NOT a naturally slim person…. I didn’t even LIKE physical activity as a kid!

I LOVE to eat, and yes, I have a tendency to comfort eat…!

The ONLY way I can enjoy the health, energy and fitness that I do, like MOST people, is by PUTTING IN THE DAILY EFFORT….

There is NO NEED for gung-ho approaches, an all or nothing approach….

In fact I would CAUTION that this style of method will do nothing more than set you up for a yo-yo experience, or a situation in which you end up feeling like a “prisoner” to your “health/weight” regime….

Fearing you can NEVER stray from it….That your WHOLE life must revolve around it…

This, in a lot of ways can be just as bad, or worse than living as an overweight, unfit person….

There needs to be a balance….

There needs to be an honest, calm, rational perspective taken on the whole health/weight/fitness thing IF you are to become that NEW person that IS fit, healthy, energetic, at a comfortable weight forever after…

If you are to REALLY OWN your health and fitness you MUST realise that you are NOT a victim….

That you have CHOICES…

And as Denis Waitley shared with us, THIS is the greatest power in the world…

“You have been given the GREATEST power in the world, the power to choose”

So, from TODAY, I urge you to STOP lying to yourself….

You CAN change things….

You CAN become the fit, healthy, energetic person you dream of becoming…. The person you know you are inside….

All it takes is DECISION….. Commitment…. BEING REAL….

And MOST of all, it takes being REALLY KIND TO YOURSELF….

Because WITHOUT A DOUBT, the way you treat YOURSELF physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually IS what creates your results and reality in life…

YOU are the captain of the ship….

YOU are the author of the story…

What are you writing RIGHT NOW?? Where are you sailing??

Take a moment to STOP, REFLECT and DECIDE if you are taking yourself where you really want to go… 🙂

All my love,



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New Year, New You : 3 Resolutions you CAN stick to!

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3 resolutions YOU can stick to that WILL make a difference!

1) Make your daily caffeine fix SKIM, and revise the added syrup and sugar!
Simply making the switch from a whole milk caramel latte, to a skim milk caramel latte can save you a whopping 130,300kJ, or about 3.5kg of excess energy, over a year.
Then by omitting the syrup, you save an additional 240, 000kJ, or about 6.5kg of excess energy! Easy decision?


Whole milk caramel latte

Skim milk caramel latte

Skim milk latte

Energy (kJ)




Fat (g)




Sugar (g)





2) Commit to a minimum of 5 serves of veggies a day!
One serve= 1 cup salad vegetables, or ½ cup cooked vegetables

This is EASY if you ensure all your meals are 50% salad/vegetables, AND if you snack on veggies!

  • Make meat and veg kebabs for dinner- capsicum, onion, mushroom, zucchini, cherry tomatoes taste divine threaded onto skewers and grilled with lean beef, chicken or lamb!
  • Corn on the cob makes a tasty afternoon treat!
  • A veggie platter of celery, carrot, capsicum, snow peas, green beans, cauliflower and broccoli crudités served with salsa, low fat tzatziki and hommous is a satisfying home greeting, or equally appealing alternative to a calorie laden cheese and bikkie platter!

Your bowels, energy levels and skin will thank you!

3) Drink a MINIMUM of 3 litres of plain water everyday!
We hear it all the time, yet many of us fail to meet this minimum.
Discover renewed energy levels, clearer skin, improved bowel habits and even perhaps a slimmer waist-line by achieving this minimum daily amount.

  • Adding fresh lemon and lime slices can make all the difference if you don’t like, or get sick of water
  • Do you currently have a water bottle and carry it with you? If not, this may be a good place to start
  • Consider investing in a water cooler for home. For around $130 a year you can have your own chilled and filtered water system. This is such a great way to get the whole family drinking more water. Kids love the novelty and it is a constant reminder to drink more water 🙂

Take the challenge and do all 3.

Let me know the changes you feel and see! 🙂