Sugar is NOT the devil… 3 other places to look before you blame sugar…

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Ok I need you to hear me out before you start reacting and ranting and assuming that I am going to advocate eating spoonfuls of sugar on the daily….!

One thing I want to get SUPER clear before we begin is this :

I’m not FOR, or AGAINST, sugar…..

I just not FOR making it the evil & cause-of-all-problems culprit that it’s made out to be.

I especially have an issue with movements and ideas that champion the idea that simply cutting it from your life will miraculously transform all manner of ills from depression to cancer to skin issues, weight woes and everything else in between!

It’s a common thing in our society to want to blame something…..or someone….

Heck! It’s a “human species” trait! I’m not free of this tendency either!

We want to believe that there are simple solutions to complex problems, and that ultimately, fault lies anywhere else but within ourselves…..

Today I’d LOVE to offer you a few ideas :

1) That sugar CAN have a place in a happy healthy life (are you REALLY telling me that nan’s lovingly baked brownies are the devils work in disguise and are incompatible with your glowing and thriving health? Or that the occasional lolly binge is somehow threatening? Or that vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidant rich fruit should be omitted from your diet??)

2) That there are at least a few other places to look before you lay blame on the innocently inert sweet substance that is sugar….

3) That by laying blame on anything or anyone outside of you, you disempower and limit yourself…

To give this article a solid base, I want to say, as I have MANY TIMES before, that there is no ONE right way to health….

There is only YOUR way….

What is “right” and “true” for you, may not at all be “right” and “true” for someone else…..

Furthermore, what is “right” and “true” for you right NOW in this moment, may NOT be tomorrow or next week, or next month, or next year…..

Any regimes or diets or solutions or methods that advocate a one-size-fits-all and FIXED approach are flawed and lacking right up front!

The human body is incredibly dynamic, diverse, intelligent and changeable….

Any attempts to treat it as a predictable robot or stand alone system are bound to lead to frustration and disappointment….

Furthermore, the human body is MUCH more intelligent than we give it credit for- certainly much more intelligent than our limited minds- and can withstand much more than we realise and thrive in the most basic and challenging of conditions…..

That does NOT mean that we don’t need to look after or care for it….

Not at all!

It just means that we needn’t STRESS and WORRY and AGONISE over EVERY LITTLE thing we do/don’t do/eat/don’t eat etc etc

FUNDAMENTALLY, at the end of the day, it’s all about how we FEEL…

If we are stressed, and frantic and worried and afraid, it doesn’t matter what we eat or don’t eat, we are NOT on the path of wellness….

Similarly…. I TRULY believe, and have seen much evidence, that a long and happy and HEALTHY life can arise from rather “unconventional lifestyle choices” including smoking, drinking, eating meat or white-bread or bikkies or potatoes daily….. Amongst other otherwise vilified habits…!

I am definitely NOT suggesting you take up or continue any habits that are contributing to ill health in your life, however I AM suggesting that, at the end of the day, you NEED TO BE HAPPY in a way that is TRUE for you!

After so many years of being on this path of health AND of working with HUNDREDS of clients, I can tell you HAND ON HEART, that HEALTH and HAPPINESS comes in as many variations and versions as there are PEOPLE…..

You just need to take a snap shot at various locations around the world to learn that the way in which we THRIVE is incredibly diverse….

In Thailand they enjoy lots of rice and vegies; in France- butter, cream and vino; in Fiji- tubers and coconut; in Italy, coffee, pasta & sweets; in some tribal cultures- blood, milk and meat….!

There are so many ways that we can THRIVE “nutritionally”, yet at the end of the day if you look at what REALLY makes these cultures and people HEALTHY, it may have LESS to do with nutrition, and more to do with their state of BEING….

Amongst the healthiest people and cultures and tribes on the planet, nutritional intake varies WIDELY, yet there can be commonalities found in HOW they live, eat, interact, DO…..

Some of the common tendencies Ive noticed from the research I’ve conducted are:

-a sense of community and family – amongst the healthiest cultures and tribes, meal times are SHARED times…. There is often involvement by all in the preparation, and there is shared time before, during and after the meal. There is a real SOCIAL and CONNECTION theme. No TV or tension or bad attitudes… There is lots of talking, laughter, fun, jokes, sharing…..It is a real TOGETHER thing…. People being with PEOPLE…. And so the food is shared without concern or calorie counting or meal portioning or “healthifying”….. The focus is ENJOYING the shared time and company and QUALITY of the entire experience

-there is a focus on and passion for REAL food – nothing comes from packets….Everything is lovingly prepared from their own home grown produce or animals, or it is sourced very locally. There is a pride and joy in the time and process of making things from scratch. It’s not an inconvenience or bother or chore…. there is JOY in the JOURNEY…. Speed and convenience are NOT priorities by any means, nor are they even attractive desires. It is all about SLOW and REAL

-there is expression and other passions/outlets/hobbies – many of these cultures encourage and embrace the idea that feelings CAN and SHOULD be shared and expressed…. There is less “putting on a facade” and more being real and releasing and moving through emotions or feelings….. There are also many other channels and vehicles for expressing, exploring and releasing emotions and feelings- such as music, dance, art, “manual labour”, not to mention at least daily opportunities for conversations and connection

-there is a priority and importance put on HEALTH – for humans, and for the environment. Its like there is an awareness and consciousness and connection to and of what is good for us as humans, as well as good for the planet. These cultures seem to VALUE health and the idea of longevity well into their later years. Maybe this awareness and desire goes back to the family/community aspect where those who are younger and middle aged interact regularly with those who are older and elderly. They are AWARE that we all get older. They see “it” (age, grandparents, elderly) each and every day- not just on special occasions like Christmas Day or birthdays or marriages, etc. This awareness possibly also sheds light on the fact that what we do NOW within our community WILL affect and have lasting impact on our children and family in 20-30-40 years and beyond…. There is no sticking heads in the sand about this truth…

-there is no displaced responsibility about WHO is responsible for their health – these people and cultures seem to GET that THEY and only they hold the key and responsibility to their health and happiness….. There is no blaming big food companies, or the government, or marketing, or any other external bodies….. This is something they seem to take natural responsibility and ownership over, WITHOUT complaint or resentment. In fact, I would almost say that there is a pride and satisfaction in “taking care of it themselves, together”, as a community.

These are just my thoughts and reflections from YEARS and YEARS and YEARS of curiosity driven research about just WHAT it is that DOES make those the happiest and healthiest they can be….

Recently I have enjoyed watching the SBS 2 part series – World’s Best Diets which I highly recommend you take a look at to refresh your perspective on how it’s (health) done all over the world – and the factors contributing to a loss of health…..

I also love these articles on the The Italian Way with Food and The French Diet

Ultimately though, I go back to the premise that all of this- this health and happiness thing- has A LOT LESS to do with WHAT we are eating and much more to do with HOW and WHY we are eating and LIVING in general…..

It seems RIDICULOUS and INCREDULOUS to me that we would fuss and obsess and stress over EVERY LITTLE BIT of sugar in our diet and think that eliminating it is the lasting and miraculous way to health.

Fruit, home-baked goods, wine, honey, hell, even “JUNK” food can and does have a place in a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

In my humble opinion it is incredibly UNHEALTHY to become obsessed and adamant that ALL SUGAR MUST GO…..

I’ve seen over and over the harm such obsessions and beliefs and fads and approaches can have and I will NEVER EVER support or encourage any such “methods”.

So the THREE places I’d strongly encourage you to look, before you lay blame on the sweet substance sugar are:

1) The mirror – as I shared above, one of the key commonalities of the healthiest people and cultures is this real sense of ownership over their health. An awareness that only THEY are responsible for what goes in their mouth and their resulting health. It is a NO BRAINER that eating overly processed and JUNK food on a regular basis is NOT synonymous with health…. Furthermore, if you tune into and connect with your body, it will tell you what is good for it with very clear feedback. If you eat something and feel BLAH over the next couple of hours, or you have digestive reactions, or a dive in your energy levels, then guess what? There is most likely a better choice you could be making. It needen’t be complicated or strict or full of judgement or guilt. You are NOT good or bad because of what you eat. It’s just a question of HOW you want to FEEL and making choices that align with that. Eat. Get Feedback. Adjust. No need for analysis, judgement, stress or shame. It CAN be that simple!

2) Stress and Busy-ness – by allowing ourselves to be constantly busy, stressed, ON we are setting ourselves up for failure in the health department. Being frantic and running on empty is NOT a path to wellness. There is NO other way about it. Eat as “pure” and “perfect” as you like and it wont do a scrap of good if you’re constantly undermining yourself with this state of BEING. When we’re busy and stressed we opt for FAST and CONVENIENT (code words for PACKAGED, PROCESSED, INSTANT, FULL OF CHEMICAL CRAP to make it happen- think about it, how else can something sit on a shelf for years without going “off” OR be as ‘technologised’ to be able to ‘just add water’ and its done?! Not rocket science hey?) Add to this that when we’re “busy and stressed” we deplete our energy levels and thus force ourselves to “need” a “pick me up”. We encourage our body to rely on “sugar” as it’s primary fuel and we lose our ability to regulate our appetites naturally and use fat as fuel. In a nut shell, don’t blame sugar, blame the RUSH (haha no pun intended!) Say NO to stress, and choose to be PRESENT, even when you have a lot to do. Maybe say NO more and feel comfortable creating “white space” and down time in your life. It’s a process. I’ve been one hell of a stress head who felt truly compelled to always be DOING; and over many years Ive learned how to create a life that is NOT busy all the time, and when it is, I can remain as Zen and Calm as I like to be 🙂 It really IS just about Mindfulness and getting real with what doesn’t need to be cramming up your life and time. Boundaries. Priorities. Perspective 🙂 You’re the creator!

3) Looking for happiness out there – one thing I know for certain is that EVERYTHING we are looking for OUT THERE, is actually right here within us NOW… We can access joy, happiness, love, peace, fulfilment, inspiration, connection, calm, clarity, hope, wisdom, guidance, answers, EVERYTHING any time we choose, simply by going WITHIN….. I see over and over, and know from personal experience, that often we are trying to get from FOOD things that CANNOT be met long term with the instant gratification of something that tastes nice and is enjoyable to eat…. Often we look to food to satisfy needs that can never be met with food. It’s just that simple. When I get my clients to start exploring what they’re REALLY craving; what they’re really trying to satisfy; what it is they’re REALLY hungering, EVERYTHING changes… So often when we start to ask ourselves what we really need when we are having a moment, it is such simple things such as “5 minutes time out”; some fresh air; a hug; connection with a loved one; comfort; expression; to switch off. We can use food for so many purposes that have little to do with TRUE hunger. When we learn how to satisfy our deeper needs and find happiness from within, we look to food MUCH less often NATURALLY, and surprise, surprise, we crave SUGAR (and food in general!) so much less often! Best of all it happens naturally and organically WITHOUT will power, discipline or force… Try it yourself. Try noticing when you’re searching for things “out there” and try working out how to get it from within. Personally, and with my clients, Ive found that meditation, journalling, being in nature, deep breathing, art and music are all great ways to understand and meet our most deep of needs. For someone who could once NOT STAND to meditate for even 2 minutes, I can vouch for the life-changing impact it does have with consistent practice and implementation. I go through phases but overall, it is an enduring and effective constant in my life. I am also aware that it is NOT the entire solution and that as always, it is part of a bigger picture way of BEING 🙂

I TRULY hope that this article and references inspire you to know that you indeed have all the answers and resources you need to optimise your health and happiness WITHIN you and WITHOUT ELIMINATING sugar, and perhaps some of your most favourite foods, from your life….

You CAN have your cake and eat it too!

Life is about ENJOYMENT….

So more than asking “What is the perfect diet?”, ask “What makes me feel ALIVE and JOYFUL?”….. And follow that…..

Be open to receiving feedback from your BODY on how you FEEL moment to moment and make adjustments to your choices (food, thoughts, behaviours etc) based on the feedback in order to spend increasingly more time feeling the way you prefer to feel 🙂

And know ultimately that “all REAL food is healthy if you eat it in moderation”….and yes that CAN include Nan’s famous fairy cakes! 🙂 YAY!

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts….

email [email protected] or comment below 🙂

If you liked this article, please share it 🙂

It’s my greatest hope that more and more people receive the message that its not all about food, and that health and happiness can come in as many colours and tones and textures as there are people 🙂

All my love,


Health and Happiness Coach
Dietitian~Counsellor~Psychology of Eating Coach
Founder of New Leaf Nutrition and The Glow Project

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IS Paleo the Way?

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IS Paleo the Way-

It’s so HOT TREND right now….

This Paleo thing….

So much so that TWO of our National Current Affairs programs aired stories about this craze on the same night, AND have committed to putting their “unhealthy, overweight” presenters through 10/12 week challenges on this regime.

I have somewhat become used to people’s fascination and intrigue with the Paleolithic Dietary way, although I have to admit a few years ago it really bugged me!

The truth is, I first learned about the Paleo Diet about 12 years ago at a conference hosted by MLA (!) and guest featuring Dr Loren Cordain.

I was really interested in his research and work after hearing him speak, so right there and then I made “buddies” with Dr Cordain and stayed in touch with him upon his return home to the US. We actually discussed the idea of me taking on a research role with him, however at the time I was juggling at least 5 different roles, so I declined.

I did however “digest” and “consume” all of the information and research I could find on this way of eating, including all of Dr Cordains books.

I was curious to see what it was like to “live like a caveman”, so I decided to do a little stint following his guidelines.

I had LOADS of fun visiting the Vic Markets to load up on fresh fruit and veggies, as well as some gorgeous seafood 🙂

Chilli, lime and garlic mussels became a breakky favourite!

Whilst I navigated Dr Cordain’s Paleo Guidelines – not strictly as I actually SUCK at “Diets” & have never actually done one (!) – I learnt a lot and for the most part felt really great!

I am aware though that EVERYONE feels pretty good for the first few months of any “cleaner/cleansing” dietary regime and that the true measure of a methods “success” cannot actually be properly assessed until at least 6 months down the track, and even then TRUE change is not “qualified” until it’s been maintained for FIVE YEARS! (yep, how many people do you know that continue to follow any new fad for THIS length of time!?)

Since I learnt that about change many years ago (what qualifies as TRUE change)- I drastically shifted my thinking and approach about the habits I would even CONSIDER introducing into my life. Instead of being seduced by “bright-shiny-objects” promising “overnight success”, I would stop and ponder, “Is this something I could maintain for 5 years and beyond?”

If the answer was a NO, then I simply dropped it like it was hot and continued on about my day and life! 🙂

This question has been SUCH a life-saver for me in terms of assessing where/how to spend my time and energy in my life, and I truly recommend that you borrow it to see if it works for you 🙂

So many of my clients, students and followers drain so much of their precious time and energy into pursuing paths that lead only to frustration, stagnation and at times giving in all together. I don’t want this for anyone, so I am FOREVER promoting ideas and information that is good for the LONG RUN and the WHOLE PICTURE of life 🙂

Anyway! Back to IS Paleo the Way?

In short, my answer is NO.

Personally, it is way too restrictive and there are many things about it that I don’t agree with…. It doesn’t FEEL right for me to live my life, and make food choices, based on a book, or research, or someone else’s (highly educated as it may be) OPINION.

I have learned through the years that I can ALWAYS trust my intuition and so if I am to put a name, or label, to “the way I eat”, it could only be described as Intuitive Eating. 

Though I learnt a lot from the research and sampling of Dr Cordain’s work, I took with me ONLY the aspects that INTUITIVELY felt right.

Today it may appear that I eat quite a “Cave Man” style of eating (you might have noticed from Social Media that right now I’m loving Lamb Shanks for breakfast!), however the TRUTH and REALITY is that I HONESTLY let my body guide me….

I drink wine. I drink coffee. I eat OODLES of fruit. I have no “out of bounds” foods.

My guide is simply, “What will make me FEEL best right now?” 

I encourage my clients to implement this way of eating too.

I tell them to give themselves TOTAL FREEDOM and CHOICE, always. 

The guiding mantra I “prescribe” to them is this:

“I can eat WHATEVER I WANT. There is NO right or wrong, good or bad. There is only what will make me feel GREAT now, and over the next few hours.

How do I want to FEEL? What corresponds to that right now?”

So to summarise where I stand on Paleo professionally……

It’s a NO.

There is NO ONE WAY for everyone!

We are ALL different.

Our DNA, our biochemistry, our history, our medical background, our lifestyle, our preferences, our culture, our “phase of life”, our values, our priorities, our beliefs…..

NOT ONE of us is the same as another.

Furthermore, our lives, and yes physiological state, has evolved enough from Cave Man days to make much of what was right/good/appropriate “back then”, irrelevant or redundant today.

But, REGARDLESS of any of the arguments one could make against “the paleo way/diet/system”, there is ONE resounding reason why I DONT recommend it….

No matter HOW you package a “diet”, it’s still a DIET.

If it has RULES; eliminated/out-of-bounds foods; is restrictive; analytical and most of all OVERRIDES and ASSUMES AUTHORITY over your VERY INTELLIGENT, inbuilt guidance system, ie your INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE, then it’s ALWAYS a NO from me. 

I have learned over the 23 years of living this lifestyle (the healthy, fit, happy one), and the 13-15 years of coaching, consulting & practicing professionally, that EVERY PERSON innately KNOWS what is right/good/appropriate for them to eat in ANY given moment.

The KEY or CLINCHER is CONNECTING our body to our mind and NOT operating as a “walking head”, as so many of us do!

Your body knows.

It is ALWAYS right. 


When you are in tune with your body it will ALWAYS give you the feedback that you need to navigate your moment to moment decisions on food, exercise, health in general, rest, recovery, in fact absolutely ANYTHING.

For reasons beyond our understanding or comprehension, sometimes what “they say” is right for us, actually ISNT.

How many times have you “known” something that “experts” or “doctors” or “authorities” couldn’t or wouldn’t agree with you on, and later you have discovered that lo and behold, YOU WERE RIGHT!?

How many times have you heard of these stories from others??

How many times have you discovered that the THING being recommend as the latest, greatest, hottest superfood or health hero been absolutely NOT ok for you??

For example, personally, my body does NOT do well on spirulina, coconut oil or green smoothies.

A client of mine knows that despite recommendations, she does NOT do well on red wine and responds much better to bubbly.

For some people HIIT is the BEST exercise strategy for fat loss, whilst just as many others GAIN weight when they do it!

There are endless examples I can give you of these “they say, but your body knows better” scenarios….I’m sure you have your own??

I have been in the “game” WAY TOO LONG to NOT know that YOU KNOW BEST.

Your body knows. Your wisdom knows.

The “game” is to get your head out of the way, or more correctly, CONNECT it to your BODY.

Many of us are SO DAMN afraid of trusting our bodies….

Of letting go of the rules….

Of embarking upon a road that has never before been travelled….

Of pioneering our OWN DAMN WAY….

We are fear-mongered into believing that we NEED to follow some special regime or protocol or DIET if we are to achieve the health, energy, weight and fitness we desire…..


Have you ever seen an overweight animal in the wild??


Our inbuilt intelligence knows EXACTLY WHAT to eat and HOW MUCH in order to achieve and maintain optimal health and physical form.

We just need to learn to DISCONNECT from all that NOISE out there, and tune DEEPLY into our never-wrong inner guidance system.

With practice, patience, consistency and commitment this “method” becomes second nature, once again.

We never, ever need to analyse or worry again about “what to eat and how much”, instead we can simply tune in, receive and implement.

The feedback process is absolutely invaluable and whilst we may “appear” to make “mistakes”, we never actually do.

We’re ALWAYS getting feedback and if we embrace that with NO judgement, loads of curiosity and ample amounts of gratitude, we can begin to get clear on just what our body loves and thrives on, RIGHT NOW.

It will change. The only constant in life is change.

However, as long as you’re in tune, you will get that feedback!

You DONT need to FEAR or WORRY!

Despite what you may have been lead to believe, your body DEEPLY loves and cares for you and has only EVER done it’s best to support you to thrive and dominate 🙂

Think about it, without ANY input from you, it breathes, it digests, it unconsciously reacts in beneficial ways when you’re in danger, it does EVERYTHING that it needs to do for you to function, heal, stay safe and survive…..

It’s only ever been our over-loaded and informationally-inundated MINDS that have gotten in the way…



Where are you on this journey?

Are you able to listen to and trust your body?

Are you ready to live a totally FREE and SELF-DIRECTED life?? No diets, no fads, no rules…. 

Or are you afraid? Stuck? Frustrated?

Somewhere in between??

I’d LOVE to hear from you…..

Please comment below or email me on [email protected]

All my love,


Health and Happiness Coach
Dietitian~Counsellor~Psychology of Eating Coach
Founder of New Leaf Nutrition and The Glow Project

You can read client feedback and success stories on my Facebook Page and website

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Why Self Love is ESSENTIAL to sustainable Weight Loss & Healthy Lifestyle Change…

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There was a time when I thought self-love was a real crock…

When I heard people talking about it, I rolled my eyes…

I guess I didn’t see the point or purpose of it, and furthermore, I probably thought that loving yourself meant that you were full of yourself…

We live in a culture that encourages productivity, achieving, pleasing, fitting in, doing as you’re told and NOT big-noting or celebrating yourself…. 

We live in a culture that favours DOING and RESULTS and OUTCOMES….

I’m not sure about you, but LOVE in general is not something I was taught was important?…

Or maybe I missed that lesson?? 

I was SO focused on results ALWAYS that I had no TIME for things that would hold me up!

Emotions, love, pondering, reflecting, appreciating, enjoying the journey!?!?


Plenty of time for that when you’re 6 foot under!!

“Right now I have things to DO and places to GO” so that I can……???

Hmmmm…. Yes….. SO I can what???

Be impressive?? Be admired?? Be adored?? Be supported?? Earn money? Be famous??


What is it that I was making life about that caused me to be so disconnected from something that today is my highest value?? 


With successful and sustainable weight loss?

With successful and permanent lifestyle change?

With anything that is REALLY IMPORTANT in life??

Which is WHAT???

When you stop and reflect on what is really important in life you may, or may not, come to the conclusion that I have after many years of reflection, questioning, searching and struggling….. 




At the end of the day, without these essential things, ENJOYING anything else in life can be quite hard or impossible…

So today, these are the things I care about.

These are the things I spend most of my time talking about.

HOW to have them. HOW to sustain them.

For many of us, health, happiness and energy don’t come easily or naturally….

At times they can even seem to be urban myths!

For myself, they are something I work on EVERY SINGLE DAY….

I have been through stages and times when they have alluded me and I have had to question almost every aspect about what I believed about them. 

Whereas once I thought the equation was simple (eat well, exercise, think positive and you’ll be right!), life had a lot more to teach me….

I found myself in a situation where I was doing all the “RIGHT” things – eating wonderfully, walking everyday, going to gym regularly, doing my very best to think positive, yet I couldn’t FEEL better….

No matter what I tried, I felt DOWN….. SAD….. LOST…..

I was GAINING weight, more TIRED than ever and feeling quite helpless and hopeless about what to do….

This took me on a journey of deep inner exploration….

And it was during that time that I FINALLY LEARNED just WHAT LOVE had to do with it all!! 

The science of it in a nutshell is this : as long as you DON’T like or love yourself, there is a chronic background, unrelenting STRESS that is undermining EVERY positive healthy action you are taking….

You can eat all the vegetables, all the “good things in the world…. You can exercise and follow all the experts advice on the “best fat burning” methods that exist….

You can “do all the right things”…..

AND STILL gain weight (or not lose any!), feel terrible and have ZERO energy levels, IF at the core of it all you are dealing with a constant, unrelenting critic, bully, judge & jury!

Furthermore, you may also be in a situation in which you chronically or constantly NEGLECT yourself….

This is definitely a cause and source of ongoing inner stress….

Yes… As long as that INNER TAP of stress is running, you will find it VERY difficult to reverse or rectify the physiological processes leading to your weight gain, energy drain and health woes….

Any stress, whether perceived or real, activates ADRENALINE and CORTISOL….

This, amongst MANY other things, increases our INSULIN levels…

Insulin is our FAT STORAGE hormone….

Adrenaline and cortisol foster inflammation and break down in our bodies leading to aches, pain, fatigue and immune degradation….

The more we stay in this stress response, the more we condition our brain to operate from the region in which the stress response is activated….

This is a perpetuating situation in which it becomes easier and easier to stress, and more often becomes our default mode of operation…

We are no longer thinking about things rationally or logically….

We are not producing our usual amounts of serotonin, dopamine, noradrenalin or oxytocin and we are becoming increasingly reactive, emotional, tired and negative…


This is what happens when, on top of all the other stress we encounter in our modern day lives (think 24/7 stimulation, financial pressures, wearing 5 hats, being everything to everyone and keeping up with the Jones’!), we are ALSO giving ourselves an unforgiving hard time!

The ONLY way out of this cycle, bar eliminating all other sources of stress (kind of impossible if we want to function in the world…) is to LEARN how to LOVE ourselves!

How to be KIND to ourselves!

How to be RESPECTFUL….Caring…. Nurturing….


When our INNER TAP is constantly leaking an elixir that counters, and stops at its source, the very things that are creating our health, weight and energy issues, then we are on the path to EVER-LASTING health and happiness! 

No lie!

And, quite frankly UNTIL that time, many of us will remain on the merry-go-round….


I truly DON’T want this for anyone…

And since I have discovered the truth of it all and just how our bodies really do operate, I am on a personal mission to spread this message wide and far….

Absolutely, without doubt, self-love is ESSENTIAL to sustainable weight loss and healthy lifestyle change! 


What do you think?

Where are you at with this?

Is this a factor for you? Do you think THIS could be undermining your efforts in this realm?

I would LOVE to hear from you!

Comment below OR email me on [email protected]

And if you think this article or video is something that someone else needs to read or hear, please share 🙂

It is my greatest hope that my creations and shares DO make a positive difference in your life 🙂

All my love,


Health & Happiness Coach

Energy Expert

Dietitian~Counsellor~Psychology of Eating Coach

Founder of New Leaf Nutrition and The Glow Project