Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Mentoring and Coaching Package

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Work with BridgetJane for 3 months on all aspects of your mental and physical wellbeing in this comprehensive and supportive coaching package.

Not only will you receive expert wellbeing coaching and mentoring from BridgetJane you will also have 24/7 access to private support, as well as online courses and resources as deemed appropriate.
This program and package is intended to educate, empower and inspire you to live your happiest, healthiest life forever after.



I’m SO excited to embark upon this journey with you! xo


The Light Way- an 8 week journey to your happiest, healthiest life!

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IF you are looking for expert guidance, support, encouragement, ideas & information to make 2019 your happiest and healthiest year yet AND to create a forever-after foundation upon which to create your happiest, healthiest LIFE then THIS IS FOR YOU!

I AM kicking off The Light Way for ONLY 8 women as of 1st January 2019!

I will show you step-by-step HOW to create a happier, healthier life, LONG TERM!

No more guessing, struggling, dieting, depriving, starting-stopping, on-off, round and round…

I will show you exactly HOW to create a sustainable lifestyle in which you feel better & better everyday, REVERSE age & become FITTER, HAPPIER & HEALTHIER as each day goes by !

I will teach you:

  • HOW to listen to your body
  • how to know when your body versus your mind is speaking
  • how to make food choices you LOVE that also love YOU
  • how to be your own best-friend
  • how to heal persistent hurts or wounds so you can move forward & be free
  • how to move your body in a way it loves
  • how to meal-plan
  • how to establish a healthy-and-happy-ever-after-lifestyle
  • and so much more!

You will have UNLIMITED messenger access to me during these 8 weeks to get ALL your questions answered; to trouble shoot your stuck spaces; to seek support & encouragement; to get personalised advice!

I have recently DOUBLED my coaching rates so this is the most economical way to gain access to me as your Healthy Lifestyle Change expert for 1:1 guidance, support & advice.

I am only opening 8 spaces for this program so that it is intimate, effective & LIFE-CHANGING!

You WILL use this information for LIFE!

You will be able to refer back to it forever after & consequently you can work on getting better & better with the habits, perspectives & strategies I teach you 🙂

There will be weekly LIVE trainings (recorded so you can watch ANY time, and re-watch as often as you like!), unlimited opportunity to have all your questions answered & challenges problem-solved and all tools, resources and BONUSES will be provided!

If this sounds like something you’d LOVE to participate in, register NOW!

8 places only!

You can expect:

  • always increasing energy
  • weight loss (IF required)
  • improved hormone balance
  • better moods
  • less cravings
  • greater happiness
  • more optimism
  • improved relationships
  • increased confidence
  • healing of chronic conditions
  • improved digestion
  • optimised gut health
  • clearer, younger-looking skin
  • a renewed LOVE & passion for healthy food & cooking
  • a revived passion for LIFE
  • and SO MUCH MORE!

So, are you ready to start living your BEST life?

Would you like me to show you The Light Way?!

I’d LOVE to share this journey with you!

Let’s get started!



PAY IN FOUR INSTALMENTS – **PLEASE NOTE- you will be sent another 3 Paypal requests to be paid fortnightly**

I CANNOT WAIT TO KICK OFF 2019 with YOU- The Light Way!

Lotsa love,


YOU- But Better! Your bullsh*t free blueprint for permanent weight-loss, more energy & true happiness

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So- you want to lose weight? You’ve wanted to lose weight as long as you can remember!

You’ve tried many things. Maybe everything?!

And you’ve tried DAMN HARD!!

You’ve put in the effort, you’ve followed the rules, you’ve done the unrelenting, spew-inducing workouts…

And NONE of it has worked!

Permanently anyway!

When you’ve walked those tightropes, done exactly as the commando has instructed and lived your life with regimented discipline, you’ve gotten the results.

You’ve seen the kilos come off.

You’ve been SO HAPPY in those moments! SO proud!

And you’ve thought, “YES! I’ve finally MADE IT!”

I’ve FINALLY become the me I’ve dreamed of, longed for, desired so desperately”

“And now EVERYTHING is better!! I’m sexier, more energetic, better…”

And then, life has happened. You’ve gotten busy. You’ve had endless responsibilities to take care of.

Life has thrown you a few curve balls, a few punches in the gut, a few obstacles that were just too hard to deal with AS WELL as keeping up with your new, amazing lifestyle.

You’ve slipped off the bandwagon. You’ve let old habits creep in. You’ve turned to your good old faithful coping mechanisms.

The things that help you get by. That help you deal with the stress of life. With the pain when it comes up.

And you feel like sh*t again. You hate yourself. You curse yourself.

You think YOU have a problem. That you ARE the problem.

Everyone else seems to do this so easily. Why can’t you?

Why can you NOT seem to STICK to it?!

You spend time feeling down and beaten and you give up.

Until the next bright, shiny offering comes along. The next miracle solution. The program, the product, the PLAN that is going to change IT ALL.

And once again you start the cycle…

You invest the money. You get all the things. You prep like a true pro!

You get organised, you get ready, you are EXCITED that THIS time it will be IT!!!

And off you go!

The intoxication of the excitement and promise and vision drives you.

You go like a bull at a gate…

You are on fire! You are doing it!

And then…. life happens.

Everything piles on top of you! You CAN’T do it all! You’re exhausted. Tired. Over it!

You need a drink. A bag of crisps. A packet of cookies. To stick your face in the most decadent desert…

Ahhhhhh the relief!

“What a stupid plan that was! Unrealistic! Who can do that?!”

“Can’t believe I was fooled once again”.

You go back to what you know. Your good old routine.

It’s comfortable. Cosy. Like your favourite pair of trackkies. It feels so good. And the relief is just magical.

You lose yourself in the “I’m happy as I am space”, intoxicated with the thrill of breaking free. Of rebelling. Of saying “F you”.

And then…

You wake up one day once again feeling crap.

You’re disappointed in yourself. How did you do that AGAIN?!!?!

You took the easy way out! You were SO close! Doing SO well!

WHY did you let yourself go AGAIN?!!!

You’ve gained MORE weight. You feel heavier than ever. Tired. Gross.

You’re so ashamed of yourself. You keep doing this. Over and over.

As each year goes by, you get HEAVIER. You feel WORSE. You are not just tired, you are EXHAUSTED! And you feel OLD.

Age is really catching up with you.

Maybe it’s time to accept. Accept that you’re just not cut out for that lifestyle? Maybe it’s time to love yourself as you are? You KNOW loving yourself IS important. You know you SHOULD.

But you can’t!! How can you love yourself when you’re constantly disappointing yourself?? You’re NOT living up to the expectations you have of yourself!

You know better, but you can’t DO better!

You try. You try so hard!

But it just seems SO HARD! SO many rules!! SO many restrictions! HOW does anyone live this way?! Why can others do it but you can’t?! Why do you always GIVE UP?

How can you love yourself when you’re so appalled with yourself?!

And so the depression sets in.

You hide. You turn to your coping skills.

You busy yourself with other things… The kids needs. The daily routine. The house cleaning. Work. There is always SO much to do!! It’s never-ending. You don’t actually have time for you!

It would be selfish to be focussing on you anyway. When there’s so much to be done you simply cannot be so self-absorbed. You’ll worry about it another time…


Am I speaking your language?

For decades I have witnessed this cycle. Mainly in women.

It’s so predictable. It’s so draining. It’s so UNFAIR!

It is SUCH a waste of life!

SO much time, energy and money is wasted in these QUICK FIX, PROMISE-ALL solutions that do NOTHING to help anyone long term.

All they do is offer surface, superficial strategies and methods that only the teeniest percentage can actually maintain.

They are NOT realistic!

They are NOT enjoyable.

They require SO MUCH sacrifice. SO much deprivation. SO much saying NO.

You can’t breathe when following them. You literally MUST walk a tight-rope to get the results.

And I say ENOUGH!

I want you to know WHY these approaches DO NOT WORK

They don’t work because they address AT MOST 10% of the issue.

The PEAK of the iceberg. The superficial, almost menial and insignificant aspects.


You MUST portion control. You MUST restrict. You MUST cut out entire food groups. And IF YOU DON’T, it wont work.


You MUST sweat like a demon! You must pant to within an inch of your life. And you MUST work so DAMN hard! Harder than you’ve ever worked.

And yet, your body aches.

You are hungry. Tired. Miserable.

It seems to be SO hard. TOO hard.

And if you try your very best you CAN do it. But you just CAN’T live that way. Not long term.

I’m here to tell you that these approaches can actually make the situation worse!

You are stressing yourself out MORE by trying to do and stick to things that just aren’t natural for you. Things that DON’T feel good.

Stress leads to weight gain, inflammation, pain, fatigue, ageing… MORE of what you DON’T want!

More of what you are trying so hard to move away from…!

You are NOT WRONG.

There is NOTHING wrong with you.

You CANNOT stick to these programs because they are NOT RIGHT FOR YOU. They may work for someone else, they may perfectly suit the person who designed them. But they are NOT RIGHT FOR YOU!

It’s time to address the 90%

The REAL cause…

The ROOT issue…


What is REALLY going on!

Old school approaches to weight loss DO NOT work long term because they completely ignore the fact that your body is WISE.

It is SMART. It is always working to PROTECT you. To keep you safe.

It KNOWS how to eat. It KNOWS how to move.

It KNOWS all the things it needs to do to LOSE WEIGHT, and yet all the conditioning, beliefs and values of society have DISCONNECTED you from this knowing.

You have literally been immersed in a space that brainwashes you to feel bad about yourself. To consume. To compare.

To keep the economy thriving.

If you DON’T feel bad about you, if you don’t invest in cosmetic enhancements, anti-ageing products, dieting programs, nutrition plans, and alllll the things that promise to create a better you aesthetically, ENTIRE industries would collapse!

The economy would suffer without your consumption.

And so society teaches you to diet. To constantly and forever more get caught up in this cycle. To be obsessed with losing weight. Of always needing to improve yourself. It convinces you you are never good enough as you are and that you don’t actually know how to be the best version of you.

And this is BULLSHIT!

You DO know. And I am here to remind you!

I am here to tell you the TRUTH about what’s going on and how to get to where you want to be!

You ARE absolutely good enough AS YOU ARE. And you absolutely NEVER need to change to be worthy, deserving or loveable.

As you are RIGHT NOW, you are good enough!

So all that remains is deciding “HOW DO I WANT TO FEEL?”

If you want to FEEL better, if you want to have more ENERGY, if you want to BE the best version of you, I can show you HOW.

I want to share with you WHAT WORKS.

What I’ve discovered after two and a half decades of KEEPING off the weight I lost, despite being diagnosed with PCOS, despite developing debilitating depression, despite living with crippling anxiety and panic attacks at one stage.

I too have always cared about my weight. I have always focussed on it as a priority and done all the things I’ve “needed” to do to keep it off.

But as I got older, those things no longer worked!

Eating less (calories), exercising more (to burn those calories!)…


In fact, the harder I tried, the harder it got! I gained MORE WEIGHT. I retained MORE fluid. I became MORE TIRED.

I battled this space for quite some time. I did some drastic things to try and gain back control.

And somewhere in there my soul told me, “Bridget you KNOW dieting doesn’t work! You KNOW restricting more is NOT the answer. You KNOW that exercising more is actually creating MORE of a problem. You KNOW what the answer is. You KNOW what to do

And I did.

I listened.

I trusted.

I put my ear muffs on, my blinkers and ignored what everyone else was doing and saying- despite their professed success!

When I did this, things flowed. I got better. My energy returned. My weight stabilised. EVEN when I drank wine, had a day off exercise and “broke all the rules”.

In fact I noticed that EXACTLY when I broke all their rules, and listened to myself, EVERYTHING got better.

Whenever I would temporarily give in to fear, or THEIR way, things would immediately get WORSE again.

I realised more and more vividly over time EXACTLY what WORKED, and EXACTLY what didn’t work!

And I kind of made it my blue-print. My checklist. My reminder when I forgot.

My guiding light when I felt lost, or was tempted to betray myself.

And this is what I want to share with you!

I want to save you the decades of trying to figure it out!

Of suffering. Of struggling. Of over and over losing your way.

I want you to have what you want and I want you to FINALLY be free!

Free to ENJOY your life!

Free to ENJOY yourself!

Free to give your energy, time and attention to the things, and people, you care about most!

To finally BE HAPPY.

To finally have ENERGY. That lasts.

To finally feel at peace…

This is what I want to share with you!

So in this SUPER POWERFUL and all-giving workshop I’m going to share with you my exact blue-print!

HOW I live in tune and true to myself.

How I break ALL the rules and have what I want.

How I no longer allow weight-issues to dominate my life.

How I love myself no matter what.

How I DO have energy that LASTS.

How I DO feel FINALLY at peace after years of battling and hating myself.

How I have found a way to maintain my weight that DOES NOT focus on the ineffective 10% of diet and exercise!

How I REALLY got to the HEART of the issue…

In this 90 minute workshop I will share with you my blueprint so you can HAVE IT FOREVER.

You can apply it all RIGHT away in your own life.

You will have a PDF to refer back to anytime, as well as access to the training for life*.

Does this sound like something you want?!

If so, let’s do this! I’ll be running the LIVE training NEXT FRIDAY 30th November. If you can’t make it LIVE you will get access to the replay.

YES! I want IN NOW!

Go HERE if you want in right now!

We start PRE-WORK in the dedicated Facebook group RIGHT AWAY!

And for those who really want the VIP experience, who really want support, encouragement and accountability to stay true to themselves until this blueprint is literally embedded into their DNA, listen up!

I’ve created a 2 month immersion experience to really assist you in breaking-free of the conditioning and messaging of society. To soak up the NEW way.

You will gain access to an exclusive Facebook group where I will run extra bonus trainings, including healthy meal demo’s; I’ll provide healing processes, behind the scenes insights into how I live this blueprint each and every day; you will be able to ask unlimited questions, receive unlimited support and immerse in a space where you are encouraged, inspired, supported and reminded EACH and EVERY DAY, of the truth! Of HOW this really works!

You will NOT be left to your own devices. You will NOT be left alone! I will stand by your side each and everyday until this new way is natural to you!

You will receive twice monthly 1:1 sessions with me, and unlimited support in between sessions. I will personally assess exactly where you are at and walk you through exactly how to get to where you want to be!

We will do this TOGETHER.


Click HERE for a truly transformational experience!

You need proof? You wan’t to know what others think?

Sure…. This is what others have to say- and there is more here….


Thank you again. You are brilliant! 💕💕 I really got so much out of that. xx much appreciated” -L.H






I’m just SO EXCITED to share this with you…


Dietitian~Counsellor~Eating Psychology Coach