Success Story – Cheryl

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Cheryl approached me primarily as low energy levels were impacting her job performance and affecting her ability to undertake day to day activities. Cheryl wanted to lose weight, improve her skin, get fit and feel better all round!

A little more than 6 weeks on, Cheryl has lost at least 6kg and feels incredible!
She says, “Everything is easier!”

With marked improvements in her confidence, ability to deal with stress and energy upon coming home from work (she now has enough energy to clean the house and prepare healthy meals during the week), she is getting SO much more out of life!

“Bridget has helped me to see food and myself in a different way!”

Congratulations Cheryl! 🙂

Success Story – Chris Hill

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This month, we hear from Chris Hill- what a champ!

“Bridget is the first person I have worked with that has been able to make a healthy way of life make sense to me. She has made it quite simple and enjoyable. The feeling of wellbeing is now constant.
When I first met Bridget I felt I wasn’t getting the energy I should from my diet. I was 5kg overweight and looking to reduce my blood pressure and keep it low naturally.
After our first meeting I felt encouraged and motivated. My expectations were exceeded and I had all the resources I needed to make the initial changes. It actually seemed simple!
As I began to implement the recommendations from Bridget my energy levels were noticably better, my blood pressure normal and my stress levels a lot lower.
The major changes and improvements to my life as a result of working with Bridget are better energy levels, clearer mind for business and personal pursuits, and I am much more interested in my diet! Actually having fun finding the right things.
I would recommend anyone looking to improve their health and diet to see Bridget!”

-Chris Hill, Diddillibah, QLD



Meet Magnificent Michelle!

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I first met Michelle in July of 2008. To say she had been somewhat “hand-balled” by health professionals and doctors to date is fair. She, as well as her mother, were feeling very frustrated, yet they were determined to find answers. In their quest, they came across moi! 🙂

I am so glad they did! Michelle is now firing along in life having completed her Diploma in an area of study she is passionate about, and now moving out of home and in with her boyfriend! Her confidence, self-acceptance and happiness have really blossomed!

It has been incredibly fulfilling to work with Michelle and to see the changes it has meant not only for her life and self-reltionship, but also for her mum, who is incredibly proud of her beautiful daughter.

Life is now flowing for Michelle and she can finally move on from something that was haunting her and holding her back for so long! 🙂

Here is what Marion, her mother, had to say:

When my daughter first met Bridget, she was really struggling with her weight, food choices and motivation. She had recently joined a gym where she heard about a ‘nutrition guru’.

After some discussion together, we decided to set up a consultation with Bridget. The rest is history!!

Bridget hit on some key information that really helped my daughter begin to make very good food choices, eg she now always has a bag of carrots in the fridge at home and work for munching on when she is peckish, and she understands so much more about making lifestyle changes with food rather than to ‘diet’.

Now she has lost over 47 kg, feels so much healthier and loves being able to buy clothes off the rack that fit.

Prior to meeting Bridget, we had met with other dietary professionals but always came away feeling overwhelmed having been told information that really didn’t work for her. We are so glad to have met Bridget as she unlocked important weight loss keysthat have brought great success. Thanks Bridget!!!!” —-Marion, Buderim, QLD

Congratulations Michelle! You are an AWESOME inspiration to SO many people out there! Thank you for sharing your story! 🙂