How to buy Doterra Essential Oils

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When purchasing essential oils it is best to obtain them from a trusted source that has strict quality and testing standards.

I used to use a variety of brands that I would purchase from my local pharmacy. Whist these were ok, I was always blown away by the noticeable superior quality of doTERRA’s essential oils. I just felt a BIG attraction to these oils and the company.

From my experience and education with the company, doTERRA’s essential oils are trustworthy, safe and pure; what’s listed on the label is what’s in the bottle. This is not always the case with other essential oils

You can purchase doTERRA essential oils in two ways: Wholesale (25% discount) or Retail

To buy them wholesale (25% off), you simply:

Create a wholesale account to get 25% off the retail price.

You simply pay a wholesale membership of $35 and then you are able to purchase doTERRA products for 25% less than retail.

When you join doTERRA through me you get:

  • Access to wholesale pricing (25% discount)
  • No monthly order required (unless you choose to join doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), which I did to build my collection, and keep my faves stocked up! But this is entirely optional!)
  • Eligibility to receive doTERRA FREE Product of the Month
  • Option to join a facebook group run by the amazing Tara Crawford who I joined doTERRA through. This community is SO supportive, FUN and a source of constant inspiration! I am always learning new things from this group!
  • Our team also run regular Oil Camps which enable you to really get to know the oils and their endless amazing uses 🙂 It’s a free 2 week essential oil education program, that works through the top 10 oils. It only requires 15 minutes a day and is interactive, informative, and full of GIVEAWAYS ! It’s a lot of fun and really helpful for knowing how to get the most out of the oils
  • Endless support, encouragement and inspiration!


Pay a one-off membership fee of $35 and choose any oils, blends, or products you like, whenever you like. No minimum order required. This gives you 25% off the retail prices. There’s never any obligation to make another purchase if you don’t want to. You do NOT need to place an order every month or to sell to family or friends, you simply get to save 25%.


Purchase an enrolment kit. This is how I started. I bought the Home Essentials Kit which is INCREDIBLE value (over $200 saving!) and includes a petal diffuser! Mine runs MOST DAYS! I absolutely think kits are the best way to get started with doTERRA – Your membership fee is waived and you save 25%-55% on all future orders.

As above, there is no obligation to purchase monthly or to sell the oils. If you discover that you LOVE the oils and want to share them with friends and family, you have the option to join doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), and earn generous commissions.


Go to the JOIN & SAVE Tab and choose your language (set to English) and the country where your products will be shipped.


Select Local (OTG) Order (Australian Warehouse, Australian Dollars), then click CONTINUE

Wholesale Customer’ is checked by default. I recommend sticking with this to begin with so that you can get to know and use and LOVE the products first. If you decide you LOVE them so much that you want to look at partnering with doTERRA, that is certainly an option at any time.


Fill out the top of the application with your personal details and enter your password for your own Virtual Office.

This is where you will place future orders, track past orders and more. It enables YOU to be in full control of your membership and account 🙂


Confirm Bridget’s Enroller ID or enter my number: 4953981.

This will ensure that you receive my INCREDIBLE team’s support and access to the Facebook group and Oil Camps.

Create a password

Agree to the terms and conditions



If you want to purchase one of the enrolment kits, just click on the one you’d like. Your $35 joining fee is included with the kit. I highly recommend the Home Essentials Kit as it’s the one I started with and includes all the TOP OILS and a petal diffuser!

If you prefer to customise your own order, choose the Introductory Enrolment Packet. This selects your $35 joining fee and enables you to now choose what you like at wholesale price!


Once you have finished shopping and adding what you want to start with, your items will be in your shopping cart.

Before you can pay for your order, you need to view your totals and any shipping charges or free products available to you will be shown. Click the VIEW TOTALS button.

Confirm or modify your billing address, add your payment details and then click the PROCESS ORDER NOW & CONTINUE button.


You’re done! WELCOME to the doTERRA family!

A screen confirming that your order has been processed will appear.

It will then ask you if you’d like to set up your Loyalty Rewards Order. This is doTERRA’s monthly Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).

This means setting up a monthly order that you can modify and change and cease any time you like!

If you want to set up an order for next month, you can do so now!

If you choose not to set it up now, you can always do so later – this is entirely an OPTIONAL program and there is no obligation to join.


Upon successful submission of your application, doTERRA will send you an email containing your distributor ID and instructions on how to access your Virtual Office.

You’ll also receive a welcome email from me with links to the facebook group, some helpful information and information regarding Oil Camp.

doTERRA will ship your order to you.

I LOVE these oils and am truly SO happy that you now have access to them too!

Congratulations on taking such a proactive step towards creating a HAPPIER, HEALTHIER life for you and your family!

I look forward to connecting, and sharing this journey, with you xo

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Mind, Body, Soul Wellness

Dietitian~Counsellor~Eating Psychology Coach


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The Supplements I take and WHY

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SO I promised a little while back that I would write a post about the supplements I take and why….

Here it is 🙂

I’ve never been much of an advocate of supplements, and for most of my life I HAVEN’T taken them.

I’ve always been a massive fan REAL, WHOLE food and the magical properties it boasts….

I LOVE learning about all the wonderful anti-ageing, cancer-fighting, heart-loving, hormone-balancing, energy-enhancing, brain-boosting qualities of natures own bounty….

And my honest, professional opinion is that IF you CAN eat a varied and well-balanced diet, manage your stress well and live an overall balanced healthy lifestyle, you DON’T need to take supplements

Supplements should ONLY do what their name suggests and SUPPLEMENT an overall healthy and well-balanced intake and lifestyle….

Some time back now, it became apparent that I was “reacting” to a number of foods that I was eating everyday- Coconut ANYTHING, tomatoes, cauliflower, and a whole host of other things I couldn’t identify easily….

So I went on quite a simplified intake to be able to better assess and identify what exactly my body was not enjoying….

THIS is when I introduced the supplements that I’m about to introduce you to 🙂

IF you feel you need to SUPPLEMENT your current intake and lifestyle, these are definitely products I’d recommend 🙂

I’m VERY fussy about my nutrition and health and anything related, so I will only EVER choose the BEST 🙂

I know Cyndi and have a great respect for her commitment to bringing the best to the world 🙂

The first product I take daily is this one…. Supreme Green Blend 🙂

I’ve taken a number of different green powders over the years– many of you might already know this and I’ve shared the ones I’ve used in the past.

THIS one though WON my heart! I LOVE it! The taste, the ingredients, the properties…. I ADORE IT!

It contains Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley Grass, Stevia, Kelp and Broccoli Sprouts. It is high in B12, Chlorophyll, plant protein, minerals and OODLES of other vitamins and plant properties.

I LOVE that it is organic and I love the care with which it has been formulated!

Greens cleanse the blood and really make a difference to how “clear and clean” you feel…. They can also make a refreshing difference to your body odour! Trust me, try it 🙂

If you’re after something else, I also used to take Grants Chlorophyll- you can get it from the supermarket. It’s not organic through, it contains other additives and not a range of whole, natural ingredients like the Supreme Green Blend…. You’ll understand why I made the switch! 🙂

The next supplement I take daily is All Natural Probiotics

Again, I LOVE that this is ALL natural and so MINDFULLY and THOUGHTFULLY created and sourced….

This probiotic contains only the best Australian organic ingredients AND also contains PRE-BIOTICS – the food that the probiotics feed off.

Probiotics are a MUST for me these days… I’ve experienced FIRST HAND the difference they make to my hormone balance, my mental state AND of course my gut and digestive ease…. When I’ve run out and been slack about re-ordering I’ve NOTICED a significant difference!

For this reason I’m now always well stocked up! 🙂 It’s just an essential for me now that I cannot live without! 🙂

Made from Organic Brown Rice (an excellent source of insoluble fibre and vitamin E, B vitamins and minerals including iron and potassium), Organic Dried Sweet Potato (high in Vitamin C, folate, soluble fibre & beta-carotene), Organic Quinoa (an amino acid rich seed loaded with minerals including; manganese, magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorus. It contains all 9 essential amino acids with lysine and tryptophan in high amounts), Organic Molasses (it has high concentrations of minerals including iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, copper, zinc, selenium and other trace minerals), Organic Chia Seed (high in omega 3, fibre, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, potassium, iron and other trace minerals. It also B vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants), Organic Pumpkin Seeds (contain omega 3 fats and the minerals zinc, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, copper and a good source of protein), Organic Linseed (high in essential fatty acids), Organic Ginger (a great source of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, zinc, potassium and most of the B vitamins), Organic Spirulina– (very high in protein and B12 as well as the minerals iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and calcium), Organic Raw Broccoli (contains vitamin B6, C and A, folic acid, calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium. It is also high in both soluble & insoluble fibre), Organic Amaranth (a gluten free Aztec grain high in amino acids, iron, calcium and magnesium), Organic Alfalfa Grass/Seed (a good source of Vitamin B1, B2, niacin, calcium, iron, and an excellent source of protein) and Organic Sunflower Seed Kernel (a good source of insoluble fibre)…..!!

All of these ingredients are naturally fermented by a method trademarked as flora ferm, dried and then made into a powder, creating a probiotic that is essentially a real food.

So you see why I LOVE and HIGHLY RECOMMEND this beautiful product! Give it a try and be sure to let me know what you think!

For now, these are the two products I want to share with you.

They’ve made a significant difference to my wellbeing whilst being on a restricted intake, and I can CONFIDENTLY vouch for their quality and effectiveness….

PLEASE NOTE : That if EVER I endorse a particular PRODUCT, please do NOT assume I endorse ALL products by the same brand…. This goes across the board…. I critique and endorse products INDIVIDUALLY 🙂 If you ever have queries about other products please inbox me! 

As I advise my 1:1 VIP clients, I do NOT recommend blindly just taking what ANYONE recommends…

Really TUNE IN and LISTEN to your body….

It can be harmful to just take what someone advises because it works for them

Even I have fallen victim to the “because Sarah Wilson said so” effect (remember the coconut oil!?!?) (BTW I have NOTHING against Sarah and a whole lotta respect!! I just know how many of us can simply follow what someone who we admire or trust says without really checking in with what’s right for us!)

ALWAYS the best way is to get individualised advice and guidance from a well-trained expert! We are as different as our fingerprints and ALWAYS changing!

If YOU are interested in a FREE Health Appraisal, you can contact me on [email protected] to request one. I make time for 2-3 of these a week.

OR if it speaks to you, right now I’m offering an incredibly LIMITED ONE-TIME offer which you can read about here….

Anyway, that’s all for now 🙂

Please let me know your thoughts on this post and any questions you have… Comment below or yes, email me 🙂 AND if you think someone else might like this post, please share (using the share bar on the left!) 🙂 Sharing is Caring! 

All my love,


Mind, Body, Soul Wellness

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LUCKY Almond, Walnut and Cashew nut packs

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These are an essential on my weekly shopping list and so, so handy when flying out the door as a “pluck and chuck” sustaining snack!

One 30g pack provides your daily allowance and serve of nuts which are brimming with fibre, protein and essential fatty acidsWalnuts are a rich sources of omega-3’s.

Pair with a piece of fruit for a satisfying 3 o’clockfix, or have on hand when you are out and about and not sure how long you may be away.

You can find these wonders in the cooking section of the supermarket, where all your other dried fruit and nuts are kept.