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Are you living the life you once imagined?

The life that lights you up?

The life that feels magical?

Almost too good to be true?

Or have you, along with so many others, succumbed to the HUM DRUM, GROUND-HOG-DAY existence that feels so damn MEH




Where everyday you’re just getting OLDER.

MORE tired.

MORE resigned.

MORE disengaged.



Where you simply settle for getting through each day.

Making it to the weekend.

Maybe looking forward to the next HOLIDAY.

Or perhaps, feeling there is no end or light in sight?

Did you ever believe that life was meant to be enjoyed? 

That you could BE, DO, HAVE whatever you put your mind to?

Did you ever think that there were so many exciting possibilities that lie ahead, and that you were up for the challenge of making it all happen?

I’m asking you these questions because what you BELIEVE and THINK about life, yourself and what is possible is EXACTLY what you will be writing into reality

It is exactly the determinant of your everyday, moment to moment experience.

It is exactly your point of power OR your point of powerlessness.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right,”- Henry Ford

I have always resonated with the idea that our beliefs and thoughts create our reality.

And once upon a time I was YOUNG, NAIVE and full of CONFIDENCE, CLARITY and CERTAINTY!

I KNEW what I wanted and I believed I could make it happen!

But at some point, life happened.

And I became jaded.

Worn beyond imagination by heartbreak, struggle and the complete destruction of my life as I knew it.

I gave up.

On myself.

On possibilities.

On my dreams.

I allowed myself to get sucked into the thinking of the mainstream.

The ideas around what’s “practical”, “realistic” and perhaps “achievable” in this life.

I stopped going within.




In fact- communing with myself in any way at all.

I began to feel and SEE the effects of AGEING.

I began to really buy into the idea that I’m now old, and that all those dreams and visions I once had were ok for the “young” me, but now I must adjust my expectations and settle for “the way it is”

And the worse I felt, the worse EVERYTHING got

My energy

My health

My fitness

My appearance

I did my best to just get on with it.

Get through each day.

I numbed myself with alcohol, food, Netflix, drama, gossip (of the celebrity kind, not friends and family)

I allowed my thinking to get smaller and smaller

Until it felt so suffocating I couldn’t breathe.


I was finding myself breathless each day

SO damn tired.


SO irritable, reactive, ANNOYED- AT EVERYTHING and EVERYONE

I COUNTED down the hours until I could have that glass of wine–> that sweet escape…

That sense of being transported out of this reality into a dream-space


I got obsessed with following reality TV participants and checking in each day on what was going on in THEIR lives…

I found every possible excuse, opportunity and occasion for simply getting lost in a Netflix series…

I was disproportionately focussed on FOOD and when it was next time to eat…

MEAL TIMES were such a pleasure… JOY. EVENT!

Can you relate?

Have you felt like this?

DO you feel like this?

Maybe for you it’s not wine, or (D-grade) celebrity gossip, or Netflix or food…

It might be any other kind of addiction…

Any other kind of ESCAPE…

SOMETHING that you give so much of your focus and attention to BECAUSE it allows you to AVOID life…

To stop feeling that STRESS…


That sense of helplessness or powerlessness…

Or that fear that maybe you’ve really just LOST IT…

Lost your touch…

Your mojo…


IF you are feeling ANY of these things, or even a slight sense of being out of alignment, not quite IN THE FLOW, then it’s time to take back control…


It’s time to reconnect with the MAGIC of life…

It’s time to hit RESET…

To STOP THE BULLSH*T stories about how life is…

To stop WRITING the uninspiring, draining and soul-sucking script with your thoughts and beliefs, that is continuously perpetuating this GROUND-HOG-DAY existence! 

It’s time to WAKE UP!

Join me for 3 weeks to re-write, re-program and re-imagine your SELF, your LIFE and your FUTURE.

Let’s work together to get you back on the path of INSPIRATION, ENERGY and ENJOYMENT.

Let’s get clear on WHAT you want; where you are now and EXACTLY HOW to bridge the gap!

EVERY SINGLE DAY for three weeks I will coach and guide you back to a place where you feel GOOD

Where you feel EXCITED

Where you put an end to beliefs and thoughts that run you down, keep you stuck and every single day add HEAVINESS, DESPAIR and PAIN to your reality

Together we will be diving deep into YOU

Into what you want for your HEALTH, your HAPPINESS, your ENERGY, your BODY

Into what is REALLY holding you back from having these things

And we will be mapping out a clear as fu*k plan on exactly what to do to get you moving in the right direction.

At the end of the three weeks you will know EXACTLY what you want; EXACTLY where you are at; and  EXACTLY what to do each day to get you where you want to be

I will share with you all the tools, resources, processes and rituals that I use (my toolbox if you will), to get myself realigned, back on track and re-inspired when I have lost my way

I will share with you EXACTLY how I have created the ENERGY, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and REALITY that I get to enjoy every single day

I will show you how it’s possible for YOU

How YOU can bring to life the energy, health, happiness and reality that YOU DREAM OF, NO MATTER when you are at.

You will have access to me every single day to ask UNLIMITED questions and to receive my EXPERT advice on all things health, happiness, nutrition, energy, weight, etc etc

Ultimately though we will be creating a master plan that is 100% tailored to YOU.

You will also have LIFETIME access to this content so that you can re-visit it as many times as you wish!

So- are you ready?


To come alive?

To feel excited, inspired and motivated again?

To feel CLEAR and FOCUSSED and on track?

IF SO, let’s go! 

I cannot wait to welcome you in and get started! 🙂

We will be starting with some assessments and pre-work that will enable you to hit the ground running and get the absolute MOST out of these three weeks together 🙂


New Year 30 Day Challenge

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Are you wanting to harness the FRESH, NEW ENERGY of the NEW YEAR to create a healthier, happier, more fulfilled you?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

No diets! No plans! No deprivation…

Starting Monday 8th January, each day I will share some “tick off” tasks that will guide you to effortlessly implement my core FUNdamentals leading to more energy, clarity, happiness, health and yes, weight loss if required!

Not to mention clearer and more youthful skin, better bowel habits, less stress, a more optimistic outlook & support every step of the way!

The key to any plan working is professional guidance, accountability and implementation.

Too much information, too many changes and too much expectation often leads to inaction, overwhelm and yet another “failed” attempt to pursue your goals.

This challenge will involve zero pressure or guilt trips, just loads of inspiration, education & encouragement!

Many of you know that I was an overweight, unfit and bullied kid (see here if you don’t believe me!). None of this healthy lifestyle stuff came naturally to me. I was ADDICTED to donuts, fresh bread, pasta, lollies and anything sweet or bread/pastry-based! I HATED sport and was a committed book-worm, couch-potato.

I had to TEACH myself how to LOVE healthy habits. How to make healthy food YUM. How to ENJOY moving my body.

For me it was actually so much fun! I loved learning how to love this lifestyle! And after years of watching others struggle through endless diets, fads and programs, it became my passion to teach others how to do this the FUN and SUSTAINABLE way…

25 years later I’m still going strong, loving the lifestyle more than ever and many of my clients have also fallen in love with and adopted this way of living.

Ultimately it comes down to a handful of unsexy habits, repeated daily, or at least frequently.

And that’s what I want to show you, and walk you through.

I will be your daily coach reminding you of what to do to stay on track, to stay true to yourself, to FINALLY achieve those pesky health goals you’ve been wanting to reach for so, so long!

So! Are you ready??

Are you ready to FINALLY DO THIS? To have an EASY, EFFORTLESS and EFFECTIVE strategy for the health goals you want to tick off?

If so, REGISTER BELOW and choose your option!

  1. 30 Day Challenge
  2. 30 Day Challenge + 1 one:0n:one session
  3. 30 Day Challenge + 2 one:on:one sessions

Included in the challenge:

✔️Private Facebook group where daily tasks will be posted

-I will tell you exactly WHAT to do, WHY and HOW. No guessing. No feeling LOST. Just EASY, step by step guidance on implementing healthy lifestyle habits that will transform how you FEEL, and positively affect how you LOOK

✔️Extra resources for inspiration, information, ideas, education

-Recipes, videos, tutorials, websites, apps etc that you can use/access to help you make positive changes

✔️Access to me through the group to ask questions, seek encouragement/clarity

-It’s SO frustrating not being able to have your questions answered. No more feeling alone! I will be there to walk you through step by step and you will also have the support of others in the challenge 🙂

The extra one:on:ones will allow you to have a more personalised plan. My standard one:on:one consults are usually only available in 4 month programs and are $275 each, so this is an exclusive and economical opportunity to get that 1:1 advice. This will NOT be available after the challenge.

Regardless of the 1:1 support, you will get SO MUCH out of the standard challenge!

FEEL what is right for you. You will know!

Are you ready to do this!?!?


New Year Challenge

For as little as $1 a day you can be feeling CLEAR, INSPIRED, ENERGETIC, HAPPY and HEALTHY!

I CANNOT WAIT to share this journey with you!!

Lotsa love!


Dietitian~Eating Psychology Coach~Counsellor




I used to eat 3 doughnuts a day…

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ARGH! So I just wrote this really RAW and REAL post about my humble health journey beginnings and I LOST it all in the click of a mouse AS I was about to publish it!

SO all I can take from that is, it wasn’t meant to be…

And this time I’m going to be really QUICK and to the point!

Yes… I used to eat 3 doughnuts a day…

The present day carrot-munching, green-vegie loving, movement enthusiast that “sits before you” once thought nothing of devouring one doughnut after another, after another….

Me as a kid2

I LOVED all the “wrong foods”, the ones that gave me instant comfort, pleasure, escape and joy…

Growing up poor, “yummy food” was rare and a treat… Vegies, fruit, homemade and healthy meals and snacks were all we knew…

One day mum got a job with a mobile lunch van company and suddenly there was a bounty of deliciousness accompanying her home each and every day!

Imagine… Choc-coated, jam-filled doughnuts…Custard filled doughnuts… Sticky, sweet pineapple glazed doughnuts…Long jam and cream filled doughnuts… Hollow strawberry iced doughnuts… And OH MY the vanilla slices…. REAL CUSTARD and CREAM filled ones with flaky pastry and FRESH as sticky, delicious icing….

Honestly, it was my UTOPIA….

Buffets, banquets, all-you-can-eat style restaurants…. these were my heaven…

I had (and still have) a voracious and insatiable appetite… I LOVE food and LIVE TO EAT!

All that has changed from that time of me being overweight, unfit and incredibly unhappy is the TYPE of food I enjoy…. AND how I nourish myself beyond food 🙂

One day, after spending many years in my room CRYING and HATING myself, I decided I would change my life…. I would NOT go to high school and be picked on… I WOULD be able to wear jeans and bathers like my friends… I would no longer have to hide under boardies and tshirts, or hang back and WATCH as everyone else enjoyed and got into LIFE… I would say GOODBYE to my wardrobe of leggings (they were the only things that fitted me!) and finally wear all the things I dreamed of wearing…

AND I would do it the SMART way….

I was NOT interested in starving or struggling or going without… I was also not interested in sweating and spewing my guts out…

I wanted to change my life FOR GOOD and I wanted to enjoy food….

And so began the journey of my life time….

And today it continues….

I SO LOVE the path I have discovered and my passion and pleasure is to show others how to discover this way too… The NON-dieting way to the body, energy and life of their dreams….

The way that is right for THEM…. Their unique path….

There is NO need to follow plans, programs or to pop pills, potions, supplements or shakes…. There IS a way that is totally FUN, EFFORTLESS, ENJOYABLE and REWARDING….

You CAN be the healthier, fitter, happier YOU that you visualise…. that you crave… that you desire….

You don’t have to struggle or suffer….In fact these are sure fire signs that you WILL FAIL…

As I stood in the kitchen the other day and thought, “MAN I LOVE GREEN VEGIES!!!”, it hit me that once upon a time I used to eat, and LOVE, 3 doughnuts a day….

Change IS possible…. Where you are is PERFECT….

Life NEVER EVER presents the perfect time to embark upon a lifestyle shift… There are always going to be bumps, hurdles, obstacles and challenges….

And truly, that IS perfect!! The more REAL your life is when you begin this journey, the more likely it is you WILL MAINTAIN the changes you make!

And before you know it, you too will be LOVING and LIVING the healthy, fit, energetic and SATISFYING life you currently day-dream of….

Trust me…. I’ve been there… .And I’ve coached, counselled, inspired and guided THOUSANDS of others to do the same…

YOU CAN CHANGE…. You CAN become the best YOU possible….

Don’t hold yourself back one more moment…. Write a new story…. Create a life you love….

I am here to help you every step of the way, shall you feel you would like that kind of support 🙂

Tailoring a step by step pathway to your ideal health destination is my expertise 🙂

There is no one RIGHT way and my desire is simply to catalyse the connection to your own INNER health expert; your own inner nutritionist, personal trainer, coach and healer 🙂

After working with me you WILL own your health and happiness 🙂 You WILL understand your body, your mind, your emotions and needs 🙂 You WILL be your own best friend and you WILL feel confident in maintaining this lifestyle forever after 🙂

Email me on [email protected] to arrange a complimentary Appraisal, if this is something that appeals to you 🙂



All my love,

Food Body Lifestyle Guru
(Guru means to “lead by example” which I pride myself on)