Breakky Bowl

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Breakky Bowl


Ok, as I DON’T do recipes, here is my little “throw together guide” 🙂

Ingredients :

-leftover steamed greens (I had silverbeet, broccoli, peas, zucchini)
-baby eggplant, diced (can use any that you like- regular, lebanese- these were just what I got at my local farmers market)
-garlic, minced
-dried mixed herbs (of course you can use fresh!)
-balsamic vinegar
-coconut oil
-2 free range eggs (organic is most preferable)
-mixed salad greens
-tomato, diced
-avocado, thick chunks


Heat your pan of choice. Add coconut oil.
Add the diced eggplant, minced garlic, herbs and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.
Whilst this is cooking prepare a large bowl with a bed of mixed salad greens and diced tomato.
Once the eggplant is sauteed nicely (soft and succulent), add your greens to heat through, and without too much delay crack your eggs in and keep stirring.
Use your creative genius to mix it all as you see fit, heating through evenly and not over-cooking the egg.
Once done, serve atop your bed of fresh salad.
Finish with avocado, cracked black pepper, more balsamic if you wish and even a drizzle of your favourite salad oil (at the moment I am LOVING hemp seed oil!)


Your breakky bowl is DONE and ready to eat 🙂

LOADED with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and metabolic boosting fats, satiating protein and fill-upping fibre ;p

Enjoy! xo


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