Bodacious Beth BLASTS them all

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Well, as often happens, another of my STAR recruits GRADUATED from New Leaf Nutrition school just the other day! 🙂

Our journey together started only in July, and in 4 short months, I am pleased to announce Miss Beth is almost a new person!

Well, in all honesty, she is just now more FREE and CONFIDENT to BE herself and to not hold back and hide from the world.

Although Beth admits in the beginning she THOUGHT she was a HAPPY and POSITIVE person, she now claims, “Who was I kidding?! I don’t think people realise what REALLY feeling good feels like; I don’t think they know the difference”

Beth came to me initially because she was looking for a change in lifestyle. She was not happy within herself and she wanted to lose weight. Her self-esteem, confidence and social self were affected by how she felt about herself. “I just don’t like the package I’m in…I’m not comfortable in my own skin… I miss out on stuff I want to go for…I’m too embarrassed to go jogging…I feel a little older (than I am)…even though I know being active is good for me, both physically and mentally, it all just seems too hard sometimes…”

Fast forward to now and this girl is UNSTOPPABLE!!

Joining in a 21 day fitness challenge, run my one of my very good friends, and AMAZING trainer Tiago Amaral of, Beth not only showed up and gave it her best, she also BLASTED everyone else out of the water dropping a whopping 3.7 kg in 3 weeks and 21 cm from her waist! Incredible!

You should see this girl in action! You would NEVER guess she is the same Beth from July !!
“The biggest difference between now and when I started with you is my headspace. I’m not constantly consumed with feeling bad. I’m making good choices and FEELING GOOD. So simple! I just cannot put a value on the difference”

Beth’s food choices have dramatically changed and she is now free of her Coke addiction! Something she NEVER thought possible! 🙂

Of course she is making the choices that make her FEEL GOOD and her preferences have naturally changed. She still eats out often, has social events to attend and of course enjoys drinks with the girls. Its all about knowing what is good for YOUR body and learning how to get in in the balance that suits your unique lifestyle.

It has been a PLEASURE working with Beth and I will sincerely miss our catch ups! Such a beautiful personality with SO much happiness to share- one of those smiles that just makes you smile too! 🙂

Here is what the WONDER WOMAN herself has to say of her experience:
“When I first came to see you, I really felt like I had run out of options and this was the last chance to get my bum into gear and do something about feeling good about myself.
My weight was definitely an issue but more importantly I really felt like I had to get my head space right.
I was constantly consumed about feeling bad and negative thoughts about my food choices. I’d be good for a few days and then just ruin it by eating something unhealthy and then thinking “oh whats the point?”
I also had it in my head that there was something I wasn’t quite getting, it was right there on the tip of my tongue but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.


Feel good. How simple is it? Whatever it is you do FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! If I know having that coke will have me thinking about it for the rest of the afternoon and feeling bad, well don’t have it. And by not having it, I feel good for making a good decision. Its seriously that easy. There have been times I’d had a coke and its been awesome but I find them getting less and less and even coke zero and Bacardi is tasting ok (has the world gone crazy!)

I’ve found myself doing things I would never have thought I would do. For example – doing some Christmas shopping, I was thinking about what else I could buy people that didn’t involved chocolates or alcohol. I don’t want that for myself so why would I promote that for other people – they will get enough from other people anyway!

Another thing on my recent holidays, instead of thinking “cool I can veg out, eat and drink all I want, no excerise” Instead I was excited about still keeping active and eating healthier than I would have otherwise. I wouldn’t have thought I would ever be that way!

Putting my whole journey into a positive light instead of a negative- “No you cant have this and no you cant have that”, has been the best thing. I still have quite a way to go but I feel 100% more prepared mentally and you’ve given me the tools to carry on and not expect perfection all the time. I can totally do this 🙂

I could go on and on about the changes I know I’ve made, but in a nutshell, I’m 100% more open-minded and happier and optimistic about everything. I know if I make good choices, the effect that has on my mind body and soul is invaluable!

You rock Bridget!”

Thank you gorgeous and continue to enjoy the good living lifestyle!

If you too would like to BLAST through your current health, fitness or happiness barriers, I would LOVE to hear from you 🙂

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All my love,


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Success Story – Rex

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In his 50’s Rex Morrow is as fit and healthy as he has been in a very long time and leading a very different life to 17 months ago.

Suffering a heart attack over 4 years ago was not as rude a wake up call as the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes in September ’06.

This news spurred Rex into action and lead to his introduction to Bridget, as part of his health team.

Weighing in at 101kg, Rex was stressed, suffering low moods, tired, and lacking energy. He was on a cholesterol lowering medication and facing the real possibility of adding a diabetic medication to this.

By making a few simple changes to his diet and learning the basics about food, Rex noticed changes quickly. Rex’s food choices were by no means “unhealthy options”, in fact they were quite good. It came down to a few consistent changes that made a significant, and almost immediately noticeable, difference to his energy levels, moods and general feelings of wellbeing.

Exercise on a regular basis helps Rex find himself in full momentum of a completely new lifestyle.

Today at 84kg Rex still wants to shift a few more kilo’s, however feels 150% better than he did. Not only does he have sky high energy levels, he is much happier, proud of his achievement and enjoying the pleasant side effect of immaculately clear skin! Acne had been a haunt for the better part of his life.

Additionally, Rex reports much better vision, practically non-existent irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and a much more positive and exciting outlook on life. During his time working with Bridget, Rex faced a major life upheaval and managed it much more easily than he might’ve had he not transitioned to a more healthy, vital and happier lifestyle.

Rex supports more than anyone the amazing and multi-faceted effect lifestyle change can make to your life.

He says “it wasn’t that hard at all. I’m thoroughly enjoying the foods I’m eating, I don’t miss alcohol, and I still include a few of my favourite indulgences every now and then”. Before I met Bridget I was overweight and lacked energy.”

“After meeting Bridget over a year ago, and adhering mostly to her recommendations I have shed over 23kgs, lots inches ….down from XXL to M size and am close to my goal weight for good health and energy”

“Now I see Bridget for follow-ups, and fresh ideas on meals. Losing and maintaining weight loss is a lifestyle thing…not a quick fix drink from a can. I occasionally get a bit of a stern lecture from Bridget for wandering off the path”

Life with a healthy heart and mind, and without the threat of diabetes, has been well worth the effort for Rex.