Baked Chicken with Barley, Apple and Beet Salad

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This week’s recipe is more a style of “recipe” that I prefer… As it is not an EXACT, SPECIFIC recipe, but rather a place of INSPIRATION to begin…. An origin from which you can engage your very own expert inner chef and PLAY with the direction your are intuitively taken…

When you begin to use recipes in this way, you KNOW you are beginning to OWN this whole healthy, lifestyle thing…. When you need to rely on exact recipes it can become a TEDIOUS and TIME consuming exercise which, in my experience, leads to “Chucking it in”…. Most often, life is just too damn busy, unpredictable and ever-changing for a truly regimented approach to EVER stick properly….

A few will disagree with me, and that is fine, but I encourage ALL my clients to begin to get to know and engage their Inner Intuitive Chef at some stage… And these are the clients who BEST make this a LONG TERM LIFESTYLE 🙂

So without further a-do, here are the directions straight from the “horses mouth”…

Tasty Health Recipe instructions

You will find Susanna Backman on Instagram, as Tasty Health, and also on the inter-web at

An absolute feasting ground of mouth-watering and entirely nutritious recipes 🙂

Enjoy this anti-oxidant loaded, fibre rich, high protein, low-fat and utterly nourishing dish. For some good fats (which I ALWAYS recommend to round out a meal, add some creamy avocado, and perhaps a sprinkle of hemp seed or flaxseed oil 🙂 NOMNOM!! 🙂 Of course too, I do recommend free-range, and if possible, organic chicken 🙂 This salad would be equally delicious with any other chosen protein…Fish, steak, tofu, lentils, eggs, nuts, your imagination is your ONLY limitation ! 🙂

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