Are YOU on your To-Do List?!

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As women, or simply as humans who have lots to do, we often resort to lists and other scheduling or organising systems to ensure we not only remember it all, but get through it all.

Do you?

The interesting thing I realised the other day though is that VERY OFTEN, WE are not included on those lists…!

We have work tasks, home tasks, family related tasks, but where are the “looking after me” tasks?!

Do your lists often, or ever, include tasks that correspond to your own health, wellbeing or happiness?

I’ve started writing lists that do contain these!

Not only so that I feel more productive, but also so that my health & happiness don’t suffer when I’m super busy!

Without YOUR health & happiness, other things are not only less meaningful, they’re also harder.

When we are feeling low, uninspired, sad, neglected, tired etc, EVERYTHING else is significantly more difficult AND those that you care about get the not-as-awesome version of you

So, if you’re wanting more health, happiness, energy, productivity & a greater sense of fulfilment, I highly encourage you to start including YOU on your To-Do list!

And not at the bottom!

You should really come first, or a close second at the very least (because of follow on effects as explained above!)

On my list go things like:

  • Gym workout
  • Cardio
  • Yoga – 16 min shoulder/neck routine from Gaia
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Massage
  • Read inspirational excerpts


Not all of these everyday, but at least 1-3 things everyday.

And guaranteed, if those things slide or get skipped, predictably my productivity, happiness, health, energy and overall VIBE nose dive…!


Tell me, are you on your To-Do list??

Have you had an Ah-ha reading this?

What are you going to add to your To-Do list for YOU?

I’d love to hear!

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