About Bridget

BridgetJane- Food Body Lifestyle Guru- is the director and founder of New Leaf Nutrition.

Bridget is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) with a special interest and passion for transforming lives. Having being an overweight and bullied child herself, Bridget understands only too well how excess weight can impact on the quality of a person’s life.

Not wanting to become an overweight teenager and adult, Bridget set about finding a sensible way to be able to enjoy food, never be hungry AND lose weight.

Learning over time just how good healthy food could be, and discovering how well exercise made her feel, Bridget developed an intense passion for health and fitness. She wanted EVERYONE to know there was an enjoyable and fun way to lose weight, an achievable answer that lead to an unbelievably fulfilling and energetic life.

The contrast for Bridget from being overweight, lethargic and lacking confidence to becoming full of beans, passionate and vibrant was just so overwhelming for her; she had to share this knowledge and experience with others!

Going to University to become a Qualified Dietitian, and then training in hospitals, Bridget learnt much more about the implications of being over weight and saw first hand the realities of people suffering the effects of poor lifestyle choices.

Diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, cancer, and many more illnesses surrounded her. Bridget knew her place was not in the hospital, but rather out in the community preventing people from ever getting to that point.

Since then Bridget has been busy, setting up private practices, firstly in the Victorian suburbs of Surrey Hills and Croydon, and now in the glorious Sunshine Coast, as well as consulting to aged care facilities, and delivering seminars and wellness packages to corporate health companies and childcare centers.

Bridget is so passionate about transforming lives- at all ages- that she has now established a VIP Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching package that empowers you to know exactly how to decide which foods are good for you and your family and how to prepare them quickly and deliciously.

Bridget spends a minimum of 4 months with her clients to guide them through all the realities of changing their life forever!

To know more about this VIP and limited service, click here.

Bridget’s message is a simple one. She wants everyone to have the opportunity to realise:

Health and an amazing life are to a large degree, your choice.

Learn how to make the decisions, live the behaviours, and take the action that enables you to live a wildly fulfilling, fun and energetic life, at ANY AGE!

Health, vitality and wellness are your right! Begin to experience them today!