5 Easy things EVERY woman can do EVERY morning to feel AMAZING

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Not everyone wakes up BOUNCING with energy, excited for the day ahead.

I used to be someone who DID wake up this way… EVERYDAY. No joke.

Usually the sound of the kookaburras would lull me awake and I would lie there –smiling – LOVING the crap out of the sound of those birds!

Something happened in the past 2 years though, and many times nowadays I have to DRAG my butt outta bed!

It’s been somewhat difficult to get myself back to those early mornings in which my soul feels alive and excited and clear about what lies ahead and how it wants to tackle the day.

But just recently I’ve found a little routine of sorts, or simply a collection of a few simple things that really get me ALIGNED and in my JOY.

Of course I wanted to share these with you as they are things that can be implemented RIGHT NOW (or tomorrow morning!) for NOTICABLE immediate shifts!

1) Get up before anyone else and go have a coffee or tea with just yourself.

Woman drinking coffee


I’m a coffee person. So I peel myself out of bed and half sleep walk to the kettle. I sip some water whilst it boils, then I sit down with my delicious cup of Joe and I do the next simple little thing….

2) I get out my journal and pen and I begin writing ALL the things I LOVE about my life.

I’m working on a list of 100 and in one sitting I might write as many as 30. Sometimes you DON’T feel it and you really have to DIG.
Dig. It’s worth it! You are re-wiring your brain and creating neural circuits for the POSITIVE.

You see, we don’t see things as THEY are. We see things as WE are! And our brains are like “Velcro for the negative” and “Teflon for the positive”. It’s our survival bias.

Unless we CONSCIOUSLY train our brain to look for and focus on the positives, we will READILY slide into the tendency to look for and notice and FOCUS on everything that’s “wrong”.

I’m susceptible to this as much as ANYONE else!

Journal being edited

3) Once I’m quite awake and have enjoyed my coffee and am by now zinging on all that’s wonderful about my life, I head to the shower.

Here I get out my essential oils. Currently I’m obsessed with Peppermint and Rose Geranium. I flick them through my shower and then I hop in and breathe deep, inhaling their therapeutic benefits.

Peppermint helps to wake you up and stimulate energy.

Rose Geranium is good for pre-menstrual symptoms and nurturing the woman in us!

I could go on and on about oils! I’m not one to take medication- UNLESS I HAVE TO! So when I get a headache- out comes the peppermint and if I have it, the Rosemary! WORKS WONDERS! Do a little research. These gifts of nature will excite you!

4) Once I hop out of the shower, its back to the oils.

I drop a few drops in my hand, add my jojoba oil and rub it ALL over my body! I usually start with my thighs. As I’m rubbing it in, I say nice things to my legs (which I’ve always struggled to appreciate!)

“Thank you lovely legs for carrying me everyday…. I LOVE YOU”

I do my arms, my belly, my shins, calves, toes and my face! (Don’t add essential oil to your face dose and be careful that there is no hint of peppermint left from other parts of your body otherwise it WILL hurt your eyes!)

5) This one I don’t do everyday, however I do it at least once a week. I grab out my BEAUTIFUL Evohe Silica Mask.

I apply it to my face. I let it dry a bit. Then I rub it in a circular motion as instructed and wash off with my beautiful Evohe Bamboo face cloth (I NEVER use anything else!)

I then LOVE and APPRECIATE my gorgeously silky skin and feel SO pampered!! A 3 minute facial! YES. Its possible!

Silica Mask

SO there you have it!

5 simple things you can potentially do EVERY morning to create a more loving and conscious connection with YOU….

As you train your mind to look for and take in the positive – about life, yourself, your partner, your children, your body, etc- you will attract more of the same.

Your ENERGY and VIBRATION are EVERYTHING when it comes to true health and happiness and feeling AMAZING.

And no, these things DON’T just happen, or stumble across us from OUTSIDE sources!

They are things WE have to foster and nurture and build within ourselves.

The mind is a survival machine and unless we guide and train and soothe and nurture it, it will behave like a vigilante constantly sabotaging our life, bringing down our energy and generally making us feel like CRAP.

It’s NOT your fault. It’s just the nature of the beast.

And the more you realize this and consciously create rituals that remind you of THE TRUTH, the better you will feel (and think, and behave, and BE!)

I hope this was helpful?

Which one will you try?

Comment below or email me on [email protected] with any thoughts, questions, additions or ideas.

All my love,



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  • Julie Chilver

    Julie Chilver


    This is really great. All these things I have done, or wanted to. I’m printing it out for the wall in my study as a reminder! Thank you, Bridget. XXX


    • bridget



      You’re so welcome Julie 🙂 It makes it so worthwhile knowing its made an impact 🙂 MWAH! oxox


  • Julie Chilver

    Julie Chilver


    Started this morning with a cup of hot lemon drink and my journal. Will have to re-stock my oil supplies. Today, as always, I feel sad that my boys are back to school after weeks and weeks of their company. I’m taking myself off to the beach to soak up ions before my list of chores kicks in. XXX


  • Helen



    Fantastic Bridget!!!!
    Definitely giving these a go!!


    • bridget



      Glad it was helpful beautiful xoo


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