3 Simple Ways you can Upgrade your Energy NOW

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3 Simple Ways

No matter who you are- from a SAHM, to a busy corporate, to an enigmatic entrepreneur and anything in between- it’s a sure bet that you have moments (minor or major!) or wanting MORE ENERGY…

And this my friend, I can help you with!

I spent YEARS getting clear on the MOST COMMON Energy Killers for ALL of us, and then from working 1:1 and in group setting with hundreds of people, I was able to get CRYSTAL clear on the FUNdamental factors that lead not only to restored health and energy, but SHINING levels of both…

What’s more, it’s A ZILLION times more simple and uncomplicated than most people realise!

In ALL my teachings, I have only FOUR FUNdamentals and they stand the TEST of time…! How they apply to each individual varies considerably, and their depth & variation seems to be endless, yet when these four factors are focused on with excitement and consistency, they really do create MAGICAL shifts.

So what I’d LOVE to share with you today is 3 Simple Ways you can Upgrade your energy levels NOW, as well as an Energy Infusing recipe!

Let me know if these things make a difference for you (I KNOW they will!) and be sure to check out my VERY SPECIAL Energy Upgrade 1:1 offer. NOTHING compares to 1:1 tailored advice based entirely on your unique circumstances, background, lifestyle, preferences and needs. There simply is no ONE size fits all solution! You are as unique as your fingerprint as I always say!

The following though are 3 generalised strategies that when applied consistently really UPGRADE Energy!

1) Drink more water!

I know it may sound boring and dull and so UNoriginal, but PLEASE take my expert word on it…!

The human body is anywhere from 55-75% water… Everything that happens in our bodies happens in a FLUID environment! If we are not drinking enough water, EVERYTHING is affected! We become SLUGGISH…. STAGNANT…. Toxins cannot be cleared…. Energy reactions are compromised…. Our moods are affected….Stress levels are increased…. Going to the toilet becomes very unpleasant and our ability to THINK clearly diminishes!

And YES…. Our energy levels are severely zapped!

Just by increasing the amount of water you are drinking you can quadruple your energy levels!

Trust me! Try it. Whatever you’re taking in right now, up it by 500ml. Then 1 Litre. Until you get to a consistent 2.5-3 litres.

Yes it may sound like a lot. But if you do it gradually and consistently you will see how much your body LOVES it and THANKS you for it!

You will begin to naturally desire and look for that much water on a daily basis and your whole body will adjust and adapt so that you are optimally hydrated.

2) Eat more veggies! 

Once again, it may sound incredibly UNsexy, UNrevolutionary and BORING, but the truth is that THIS factor has proven TIME and TIME again to work miracles for those who follow my lead.

Veggies are our natural vitamin and mineral supply. They provide us with all the magical co-factors, catalysts and ______ that UNLOCK the energy within!

What’s more, veggies are only as boring as YOU make them! So quit complaining, get creative and channel your most epic Masterchef!

There are SO many amazing ideas and recipes online, there is simple NO excuse for not finding a way to LOVE these humble heroes!

Jamie Oliver has a wonderful website for sourcing inspiration, as does Healthy Food Guide, Taste.com.au and Coles just to name a few of my favs!

Try adding just 3 more serves of veggies to your day EVERY DAY and see what difference it makes. Be sure to br drinking your water with this increase and remember you have endless opportunities to add veggies at ANY time of the day! I personally LOVE veggies at breakfast and I also LOVE to snack on them!

Let me know YOUR favourite creative ways of adding veggies to YOUR day – [email protected]

3) Get Outside! 

Finally, this is something MANY of us are INCREDIBLY deficient in!


Yep! When was the last time you spent more than 5 minutes outside CONSCIOUSLY breathing in fresh, clean, crisp AIR and concentrating on it UPLIFTING and ENERGISING your entire being??

We are so often rushing here and there…. Thinking about the next thing…. the 5000 things we need to get done…. Where we need to be tomorrow and next week….

Our body and energy DEPENDS on a PLENTIFUL supply of oxygen…

Not just the crummy, shallow, unconscious and automatic life-sustaining intake of our usual breath, but the DEEPER, CONSCIOUS and FULLY PRESENT lung-filling inspiration of FRESH, CLEAN, OUTDOOR air…..

You DON’T need to get out and hot foot it for 30 or more minutes (go ahead and do this if it pleases and excites you and fits into your schedule!), but you DO need to take a daily 5-10 minute break to really FLUSH your system with air from outside…

Of course its BEST if you are near trees and nature, but a verandah garden will do too…. Heck, city balcony air will suffice!

But I PROMISE you, if you spend 5-10 minutes EACH and EVERY DAY, being OUTSIDE, taking DEEP, CONSCIOUS, LUNG-FILLING breaths, your energy will SKY ROCKET!

One of the BIGGEST Energy Killers I come across is WITHOUT A DOUBT shallow breathing AND a severe lack of the Great Outdoors!

So check in now…. How do you fare with this factor and what can you do to improve it NOW?

Check in on ALL of these aspects and give yourself a rating. How are you tracking? How can you improve? 

Email me on [email protected] and share with me your insights and plans 🙂

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I very much look forward to hearing from you and should you decide to take up some 1:1 expert guidance and support I look forward to creating MAGIC and MIRACLES with you!

Big love,


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