10, 000 Steps

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Did you know that 10,000 steps is the minimum level of physical activity recommended, just for good health?

That’s the equivalent of about 7-8km of walking a day. Don’t despair! This can be accumulated over the day and achieved by simply moving more, sitting less. Furthermore, it is best and recommended to build to this level over time if you are currently not cutting it.

pedometer is a brilliant tool to assess how much activity you are currently doing and gives you a basis from which to start. For example, If you average 3,000 steps a day over the week, perhaps set a goal of achieving 4,000 steps everyday the next week. Maintain this for 2 weeks, then build again.

It is amazing to see how people transform in spirit simply by increasing their exercise levels. Getting up a huff and puff is important (so no dawdling!) as an increased heart rate, increases blood flow and this allows oxygen and nutrients into our body cells. Many of you will notice how awake you feel after a bout of exercise and how much more energy you seem to have overall when exercising regularly.

Exercise is good for our mind as feel good chemicals are released when we get up a vigorous pace. New evidence suggests that exercise also reduces the risk of degenerative brain conditions such as Alzheimers and Parkinson’s.

There are many more reasons to exercise and each month we will explore more, as well as offer endless ideas for how to get going and keep motivated! You may have some to share?

One last thing regarding pedometers:

A recent US study found that in a group of inactive and overweight subjects, use of a pedometer lead to an increase in physical activity of about 2,000 steps a day- (about 1.6km walking). This was a huge 27% increase in physical activity!

Take home message: pedometers are wonderful motivational tools and numerous studies support that they almost guarantee results when they are used regularly. Pick one up at a local pharmacy today.


See http://10000steps.org.au for more ideas, tips and inspiration!



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